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    American oak fininshing?

    HI Guys I have just refurbed my house, i have 14 oak doors and two stair cases (also in oak) to stain or varnish? The questions:- 1. Stain / Varnish or wax? i am looking to get the natual grain and colour of the timber 2. How many coats? do I sand first then appply the first coat or...
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    Tile cutter

    Hi I will be tilling two bathrooms and a kitchen in a couple weeks time(130 sq mts) Could anyone recommend a good tile cutter please. What size blade should i go for? How many watts do i need? what else do i need to look out for? Something not to expensive ( just for diy) but need to...
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    what thickness ply

    I have a bathroom floor that need to be tiled, The floor is the existing 22mm t+g. Do i still need the additional ply on top? spiders
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    Porcelain Floor Tiles

    I have been looking to purchase some Porcelain Floor Tiles 600 x 600 for my kitchen (60 sq mts). I have found a couple of suppliers @ around £35-40 per sq mtr. Last night, went to B + Q and found they had some for £11.48 per sq mtr. Have i missed something? or are these a great buy? spider