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    what is cls.

    i've got a feeling the reply's to this post could go downhill very quickly, but, you'll never win a raffle if you never buy a ticket,so,hear goes. does any one know for sure what cls means, so far i've heard, canadian lumber slump,(why ?). canadian lumber suppliers,(possible). canadian...
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    internet problem

    WOW,thats what i call a reply,i thought my brain was going to explode reading that little lot. suprise,suprise,i've just tried his laptop and it's working fine,tried as you said to navigate from google to this site (never been on here with his laptop)and bingo,it worked,i'm writing this reply...
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    internet problem

    hi all,the ultimate technophobe here again, my son has a advent laptop,but has a problem with google. when he types in a search it always come up 'this webpage cannot be displayed',but, if he types in a web address the internet works fine,so i'm thinking (now there's a rare event),is it...
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    Feed the birds

    just have,great minds,eh!.
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    keyboard problem

    hi dave, just read a reply of yours in general discussions,re:pet hates,i agree and apologize if i was one of them,your suggestions didn't work,but were better idea's than i'd had. chrisj78 had the answer,which was to hold down the fn key(first key,bottom row) and press the blue numlk...
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    keyboard problem

    thanks very much boys that got it .it's all working fine now,much appreciated
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    keyboard problem

    cheers dave.m, i hate to say it,but, neither method worked.
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    keyboard problem

    hi all.the dog trod on my daughters laptop earlier,and since then some of the keys don't seem to work properly,it's an advent,the keys affected have dual function, letters are in white, digits and symbols are in blue and are as follows, u/4 , i/5 , o/6 , p/- , j/1 , k/2 , l/3 , ;/+ , m/0 , when...
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    Stopping my leaky windows and doors!

    hi there,first thing i'd do is de-glaze one window and check for drainage holes,because,even if water gets past the gaskets it should drain away.
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    Issue with lock on front door?

    it's a lever pad handle,shouldn't be difficult to turn the key though.have you tried oiling the mechanism,or you could change the handles for a normal set.
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    you're probably going to have to bite the bullet and get the lintels done at your own expense,as for fensa,you've got no chance with them,complete waste of time in my opinion.
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    Marley Anglia
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    Cowboy customers.

    I think ITV had a brain f*rt this evening. Having just watched cowboy customers,think itv could have left out the part concerning the law with regards to ownership of materials when customers haven't coughed up for services rendered (basically it says you can't remove materials once they are...
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    Discount Kitchens

    depends on where you live,United Kingdom is a bit vague.
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    National Trade Register / MyHomeConnect

    Don't know what happened with that last post(should have only had the first phrase in the quote box), i suppose it's just me being thick,
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    Amazingly talented artist

    That's Amazing
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    Doors to my design?

    You need to find a local joiners shop,they will be able to make your doors,all depends how much detail will be in them,probably won't be cheap though.
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    Jack Schitt

    Well done hoggy,thats class,very funny(well i thought so anyway). Going to enjoy passing that one around.
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    X Factor show on ITV

    I look at it like this. The suffering won't end now until christmas. We all know where the christmas No1 is coming from. I'd like to see them end it at the end of november and then go for the christmas No1,and give all the proper musicians a fighting chance. But we all know they...