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    Leaking thermostatic rad valve

    :x I have a leak from a year old thermostaic rad valve, its leaking from the brass nut inside the valve body. Can it be fixed , I tried tightening it, but that made it worse then I loosened it and it stopped for a few hours then started again. Would a leak stop be suitable or will it...
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    Faulty Sime Temperature Gauge

    I have a Sime Format 100 C Combi Boiler. I have just noticed that there is no temperature reading on the Temperature / Pressure Gauge. The boiler is working fine, I have plenty of heat in the radiators and the domestic hot water flow is good aswell. Am I OK just leaving this alone or do...
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    Leaking water connection on new toilet

    Have just bought a new toilet with water connection below cistern. Have tried several different connection, but can't stop the slight leak from the compression joint. Any help much appreciated Thanks so much, it was a tap connector, sorry, but it is ok now thankyou
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    Hot water takes a long time

    Thanks for your reply, if you worked in this area then we would probably ask you to come and do the work, but fainling that, do you fancy selling us one of you diaphragms????????????
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    Hot water takes a long time

    I have undertaken some additional tests. It seems that the dhw is only avaiable when the central heating is on. I turned the heating off and there is no hot water at all. The boiler is not firing up, hence no hot water. When I turn the central heating back on then we have the boiler firing up...
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    Hot water takes a long time

    Where will I find the diaphrgm, and is it a diy job or not. Is there a way to test it. If we turn the tap right down, the water heats up again but cools if you turn the tap back up.
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    Hot water takes a long time

    We have a Simie Format C Combi Boiler 18months old. It was working perfectly well but now it takes an age for the hot water to come through. Previously it got hot very quickly.but this has happened over the last few days. It is only 6 metres from the boiler to the first tap.