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    standard size loft hatch/ladder kit ?
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    Chippings instead of hardcore ?

    it works, its normally used on rough tracks or unadopted roads to give a more even surface or areas to park cars on. Suppose it matters what depth the scalpings are put down at and what the ground underneath is like.
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    Chippings instead of hardcore ?

    Ive seen this done in some ares. Tarmac scalpings are laid down then diesel sprinkled over them which softens the tarmac, then they are rolled or wackered. When the diesel has evaporated/ soaked in the scalpings harden up again. Smells of diesel for ages, not very nice, youll be trailing...
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    vauxhall vivaro door open warning light on

    Same happened on mine,turned out the rubber grommett that compresses the switch on the back door had fell out.
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    vivaro van

    my 56 reg primastar, basically the same van, was recalled recently for changes to a handbrake linkage and to change the position of some wiring in the engine compartment (i think) which could rub against something and chaff through and cause a possible short. sorry i cant be more specific, maybe...
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    Sealing damp walls with pva before rendering

    Think your first mistake is calling builders dumb. You then decide you can do it better and from your post its clear you havent a clue what to do. Also please explain what a "solid cavity wall " is. Reading your previous posts it seems your more than likely the "dumb" one. Good luck in your...
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    Should I be worried?

    The soldier courses above the windows are built on 100mm angle iron. If you look carefully you can see the edge of it set back slightly above the window.
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    plastic fence posts and gravel boards

    They sell them here, never used them though.
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    DIY chimney lining?!

    Just seen that fluesystems have now started making gather hoods to size. I have had to make my own in the past out of tin sheeting or fireboard, these seem a lot easier Have you considered a woodburning stove, you are going to...
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    DIY chimney lining?!

    Ive done a few of these. Some liners sail down the flue, others are a right sod, tight bends to get the liner round and blockages to remove. not a job for anyone inexperienced working at heights, its not easy on a roof with 8 metres of lining that needs feeding down the flue, use a scaffold if...
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    hoover for brick dust

    Ive got an old dyson i use. They have got a safety cut out on them which trips in if its very dusty. I phoned dyson cos i thought id burned it out, they said it takes between 5 minutes and 3 hours for it to re-set itself. Took mine 3 hours :roll:
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    1.5 tonne mini digger

    We hire them fairly regularly, no license asked for by hire company. I cant get the hang of them, took my lad about 5 mins, now hes a whizz on them.
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    I get mine from the farmers supplies store.
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    Stone and cutting stone??

    what size approx.
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    Permission for Skips on public highways

    Licence is sorted out by the skip companys up here. They ask you if its going on a public highway, if so its £10 extra.
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    Removing chimney + moving doors - approx cost?

    where abouts in yorkshire are you?
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    how safe/unsafe is this?

    Yes, 1 wire is running across to the next socket and one down to a junction box then into another room. Going to get a spark round to check and upgrade everything.
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    how safe/unsafe is this?

    But surely the earths should terminate in the socket face not the backbox, with a link wire to the backbox. The only way an appliance is earthed is through the screws fixing the front to the backbox.
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    how safe/unsafe is this?

    Doing some alterations on our kitchen. Kitchen was fitted some 8 years ago by "qualified"fitters. Every socket has been wired like this What do you experts think?
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    Concrete floor

    o.k. thanks for the reply :)