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    Half hot and half cold radiators

    go thourh the posts regarding 'air lock' & you'll find the procedure to correct your prob s.
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    no CH; Hot water OK

    no worries corgiman; sent both a 3-way valve & actuator; the wriing diagram for the valve i think i can work out having had a look when i bought the house & ~ to cover alll possibilites & take no chances i'll change the actutor as well thx 4 you help sally x
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    no CH; Hot water OK

    cheerz corgiman ...surely you mean syncron motor...whats a head ? i might say Sweet FA to it & by a 3-port valve from Screwfix eitherway can i fix it on need a good bod ? sally
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    no CH; Hot water OK

    don't weorry i'll just read the posts about the 3 port valve as mentioned by other posts..prob is mine is a 2 port s
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    Glow Worm Spacesaver mk2 - Hot water but no heating

    i had exact same problem, but mine CH will no longer work after a aware !..the sycin valve may need replacing after all s
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    no CH; Hot water OK

    anyoone got a fix for this one ! i have no CH as of last week Conventional system. Programmer fine, new; thermostat, fine (3 years old) I have a crap Drayton Floweshare 2 ~ 2 position. not even a selectable mid position with which to have heating AND Hot water active's allways...