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    induction hob - 16A with a plug!?

    I'm sure lots of this has been covered before I believe in earlier threads wrt induction hobs and cooker circuits ;) Induction hobs have diversity as any cooker does so they do not draw excessive current long term. Even if one is daft enough to try having pans of cold water on all and...
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    What is it with oven bulbs?

    That damaged centre contact is now resistive... a new lamp screwed in will overheat on its centre contact, shortening the working lifetime... and repeat each time a lamp is changed. Even removing the solder will leave it resistive cf a clean new contact. A new lamp holder is expensive and will...
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    Suitable fire rated night latch, required.

    You're welcome. (Had I hit a raw nerve or something.) I did suggest that the OP should (maybe MUST) seek clarification from whomever is suggesting something is needed.
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    Suitable fire rated night latch, required.

    Go back to whomever told you for more details and recommendations? People here are guessing as to the intent / requirement with good intention but that may not give an accurate answer for the situation you have. Mr Google found me some useful stuff via your phrase < fire rated night latch >...
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    Internet connection

    That is not a mesh system, just a wifi repeater. is a cheap mesh network £50 for 3 units. (I use something similar from the same maker... connect one via cable to the modem-router and then disable the router...
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    Internet connection

    Powerline adapters are the spawn of the devil. They might work and they very well might not. (Been there, tried that, got the T shirt.) It depends which ring main circuit the two devices are on. Same ring = great. Different ring = maybe, maybe not. Not in my case. Get a mesh wifi...
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    Removing old 'multi-input' outlet

    She will be paying for the Communal Antenna system in terms of Service Charges (Factor Charges in Scotland?). Removal will not reduce those charges. Council / Factors may do it (at a cost), but... It can provide a fall back for if/when Virgin subscriptions get too expensive? It will offer...
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    Internet connection

    Wired connections are always preferred to using WiFi from the router. Virgin will likely only care about monitor the cable-connected speed to their modem and will be telling the truth. WiFi speeds have too many variables... choosing a different channel may help? If using WiFi then range...
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    Removing old 'multi-input' outlet

    Owner or Renter of the dwelling? Council is mentioned by you. How does Mum watch TV or does she not and does other things with her time? You should probably not interfere with that Communal Antenna System outlet wall plate. It should belong to the Building Management company / Factors and/or...
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    Miele w404 plus Leaking. Replace or repair?

    Can you even get the plastics part that needs replacing? (Let alone get to it to do so). I don't know if it would be worth your time checking out the ukwhitegoods forum for this problem / parts availability and even access to the area for closer investigation of the leak? Miele do fixed...
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    Stute thin cut orange marmalade - who sell it?

    This thread update was quite timely for me as a reminder. Picked up a jar in the Bedford Farm Foods earlier today to try. £1.29. :love:
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    Electric oven fault.

    Strange. This is where I've read about it, I believe; but perhaps not? Not common but then nor are faulty RCDs. Get the tenant to supply picture of tripping device to be certain what is happening. Equally it could be a loose connection on the Oven MCB causing overheating of it and thereby...
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    Electric oven fault.

    What moron keeps resetting a safety device every 10 to 15 minutes? Assuming it has all worked properly for many years then more likely it's a faulty MCB and tripping well under its rated current. Unless it is the RCD and not the MCB that trips, when it may a Live or Neutral to Earth fault that...
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    Dry shave before, or after shower?

    My current Philishave is a wet and dry one that specifically states can be used in the shower. I occasionally use it with shaving foam. I tend to nick or cut myself if I ever resort to use of a 'proper' blade. I'd say the technique is wrong if it is causing a rash. Go slower/gentler over the...
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    Feed to outside oil boiler.

    Certainly not how it's been done in my home. Nor in any other home I've owned in fact. Mains to the controls-timers then to wiring centre and from there to the boiler, pumps, motorised valves etc.,. {Mind, I don't believe any boilers I have had needed a permanent Live feed just a 'call for...
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    Is my heat pump dryer saving me money?

    Too small a sample of drying cycles to tell, really, if you will save electrickery. A heat pump is never likely to save money overall when one includes purchase, manufacture and recycling environmental costs but, as a replacement for a broken dryer a heat pump would probably be a good choice...
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    Feed to outside oil boiler.

    :confused: Boiler will require a 'call for heat' control voltage (often a switched Live from the controls) as well as, possibly, a permanent Live. Plus Neutral and Earth of course. That may require 3 poles of isolation? Possibly four if a Combi...
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    Help identifying plastic part for window

    Here Google lens found this 11 year old thread on em...
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    Re-route / reverse cable tv connector /cabling?

    MK Logik 1 or Grid Plus 1 But they are carp... not fully screened connection Just use a double-ender barrel on a plate and right angle F-plug adapters.
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    Double glazed windows keep exploding advice needed?

    This story sounded familiar to me. So I searched and found this on another forum: I had a similar inner pane go crazed on the front door of our bungalow many years back. Found...