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    Whirlpool dishwasher

    I have found the heater element and that seems ok. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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    Whirlpool dishwasher

    Can somebody please tell me which is the heater element on my Adp 4620 dishwasher/ :?:
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    Indesit WG1430T washing machine slow spin

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a cure for the problem of poor spin speed. The Indesit washer spins but at a slow speed it should do 1400 rpm and the clothes are quite dry but now it does'nt spin fast enough to dry.
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    Help wanted for my dead B&D grinder

    I am looking for a switch for my old and trusty grinder No P5912 It seems that nobody stocks this switch anymore. The company must have made millions of them but it seems they are all gone. Is there anybody out there who knows some company that still has one left...
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  6. Black and Decker

    Black and Decker

    Looking For a Switch
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    Whirlpool dishwasher

    I am looking for some help if possible I have a whirlpool 4620 1x. The machine will not start it's programme it flash a green light 3 time. I have unplug the machine overnight to reset it but know luck. I have noticed lately it has not been cleaning very well and the interior is very...