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    Brickwork showing behind tiles

    I am getting a new bathroom fitted and as I was removing the old tiles a lot of the plaster is just crumbling away. I have found a couple of large holes and in one part the brickwork is showing. I have a plasterer coming to bond the walls (no idea what this is?) On Saturday and my questions...
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    State of walls after removing tiles in bathroom.
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    Gaps to sides of upvc windows

    Great, thanks for your help. I just have to wait for the temperature to rise so I can use the foam!
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    Gaps to sides of upvc windows

    Thanks for your quick reply. A few questions: Do I use the expanding foam from the inside or outside? Does it matter? I was thinking of taking off the trims from the outside too and sealing this again also. Do I need to put the trims back on? What do I use after the expanding foam on...
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    Gaps to sides of upvc windows

    We are in the process of redecorating our house and have found some very large gaps to the sides of all the upvc windows. They have been covered up by upvc window trims (if that's what they're called). The window trim is also on the outside of the house as well as inside. I can actually see...
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