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    Loft Room Insulation

    Hi, We have a loft room that had a new bathroom installed not log before we moved in. The loft room is in a central position within the house and surrounded on three sides by a loft space used for storage. The loft space is insulated and boarded but the loft room is not, neither on the walls...
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    Toilet Flush Valve

    Hi, I have a quick question. About a year ago we had a new bathroom installed. We've always had trouble with the toilet flush though and had the installers back a few times. But they are getting as fed up with us calling them as I am with the toilet and not giving us the service we should have...
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    Old Style Light switch box

    Hi, Just redecorated the bedroom which also included a new light switch plate. When I came to put on the new switch plate, it became obvious that it wouldn't fit the existing box as the width between the switch plate fitting screws are too wide. The existing box is a solid metal (looks...
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    Garden Furniture

    Hi, Moved into a new house and inherited a cast iron garden furniture set. Problem is that the iron was painted an ugly green and the wooden slats aren't in the best of condition. The set comprises of bench, large table, two chairs and two (very) small tables. I have disassembled all and...
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    Damp on bottom of newly painted wall

    Hi Just moved into a new house and decorating our bedroom. Prior to removing existing wallpaper there was no sign of damp on wallpaper and neither was there anything on the plaster once wallpaper had been removed. New lining paper was hung and after a few days painted. The following...
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    Toilet Flush Pipe Inlet

    Hi Just moved into a new house that has been empty for a while. After a couple of weeks, noticed that there was a leak from somewhere around the toilet. Investigation showed that it was coming from the toilet flush inlet. The toilet is a Roca and has the internal type of inlet (Flush pipe...
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    Temporary Shower..

    Hi All, We've just moved into a new house and the shower in the downstairs bathroom is the oldest, most uncooperative electric shower in the world. Apart from shower, the bathroom is newly tiled and in good condition but we don't like the decor and will replace it eventually (after bedrooms...
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    Good Professional Paint Strippers

    This is kind of DIY just not home DIY. I have recently started reconditioning old bikes. The first couple of frames had decent paint work that I was able to touch up. I had another one dip stripped. The current frame I have is an old aluminium frame that needed stripping. One coat lacquer...
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    Corner Protectors for internal walls

    Thanks for the reply. I have not waxed the inside of the wood so what you suggest should work ok. A job for when the kids are in bed so I am free to swear if the baton pops off again. :-) Mike.
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    Corner Protectors for internal walls

    Hi, Since having kids I notice that a couple of the exposed 90 deg corners in the hall get a right battering. I have bought some lengths of wooden "L" section batons and waxed them. They look great and I want to mount them now but I am not sure of the best approach. I thought a mixture of...
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    VAILANT Boiler Model and Leak Questions.

    Hi Guys Thanks for your help on this. I had another look around the boiler the other day and found ID badge. The model is Vailant Thermo Compact... VC GB 242EH. Going by what Agile says about the boiler it sounds like the way to go would be just to get an engineer into replace the Heat...
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    VAILANT Boiler Model and Leak Questions.

    Hi I have a VAILANT boiler which seems to have sprung a leak (1 week after redecorating the kitchen!!). Anyway, I am not 100% sure of the boiler model, (no manual left by previous owner) though it is a Vailant and is a conventional flue vented type. It must be AT LEAST 6 years old. 1. I...


    Red Circle indicates where leak seems to be coming from


    Boiler with cover plates removed
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    Boiler Pics
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    Cooker / Hob Circuit Check

    Thanks for the answer, but not that helpful.... as my wife makes the decisions on which appliances she wants, so I just get to install the stuff she tells me she needs.
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    Cooker / Hob Circuit Check

    I have a quick question.. I am replacing an old Electric Oven / Gas Hob with a new Electric Oven / Electric Hob. The old applicances were on the Cooker radial circut with a 32A MCB in the Consumer Unit. The new applicances are rated as follows: Cooker 5.3 KW Hob 6.4 KW I was planning on...
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    removing radiator tail

    I have a tool for removing the Tail of radiator valves from the radiator (It is much like a large Allan key). However recently when helping out my brother I found that the tool did not fit his radiator valve tail. The tool is slightly too small with the result that it just slips inside the...
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    Specific Radiator Leak Problem

    Yeah I guess she should have the tail part for the new valve, I will check and find out if she still has it. It was how to get the old tail out that is really helpful, thanks. There is nowhere I could get a spanner on it (like mine at home) so I guess it must be the internal hex throat type...
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    Specific Radiator Leak Problem

    A friend of mine (no, honest) had a leaking radiator valve. A work colleague of hers fitted a new valve but she still has a problem with it so I said I'd take a look. The new valve is ok on the fit to the 15mm up-pipe (even though the existing olive was used) but there is a constant leak...