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    Asbestos Roof.

    The main issue with it is if there's a lot of fibres loose (so if you have lagging - insulation- it can be a big problem). We also have asbestos board in a couple of rooms upstairs as a kind of plasterboard, the utility roof and the garage and shed rooves. All are definitely asbestos- quite...
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    DPM & DPC Problems!!

    Hiya, Thanks for your reply. Believe it or not I have done a fair bit of research but it's not consistent. We have two ground floor rooms which were both laid with concrete but it was decaying and had no DPM etc. We had a damp survey carried out and were told a lot of faff about bad damp...
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    DPM & DPC Problems!!

    Hi All, I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong thread or if it's been posted before. If it has, please feel free to point me in the right direction :) Ok.. We're renovating a house and (now wishing we'd just left them) dug up the existing concrete floors in order to put a DPM and...
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