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    wobbly kitchen island

    Thanks guys. I still have not resolved this yet, but a joiner friend is coming soon to fit the end panels and plinths as the floor is natural slate and slightly uneven so i need him to scribe it to get a neat joint with the floor. Perhaps he will be able to make it more ridged. Thnaks for...
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    kitchen dinning tiles large tiles

    thanks richard C your help is appreciated as always. Looks like my knees are going to get another punishing this weekend.
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    kitchen dinning tiles large tiles

    The kitchen floor is now laid and grouted and considering it was my first attempt at this type of work it looks good. The problem now is the dusty mist / residue that has been left on the tiles by the grout. I tried to wash off as much as possible while i was going but i just cant get...
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    wobbly kitchen island

    I have installed 2 300mm base units with an integrated cooker suspended between then and a gas hob above to form a cooker island with an island hob over. It looks great but it is like a wobbly table. I have checked all the feet etc and i am under the impression it is just not rigid enough. i...
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    kitchen dinning tiles large tiles

    thanks again tic tic tiles are these i will try my best. There is a builders merchants down the road doing the addy for £13 a bag plus VAT so may see what theirs is. I'm not looking forward to this part of...
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    kitchen dinning tiles large tiles

    thanks tictac buildfix is made by mapei though isnt it??? would cleaning the floor and PVA and water mix be ok to prime? I have some primer from the UFH kit which i think is just a bottle of PVA anyway! I am planning on putting the UFH wire in the adhesive bed, i will also probably...
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    kitchen dinning tiles large tiles

    I am going to tile my kitchen and dinner this weekend. its 25m sq in total and I have 600 x 600 slate floor tiles to go down onto a concrete floor. I am trying to estimate how much adhesive and grout to buy bearing in mind that I am putting in electric underfloor heating in the form of a...
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    best place to sell ipods

    I won an ipod touch today 8gb 3rd gen, but i already have the 16gb version so i want to sell it. Anyone know where i can get a quick sale. I cant be bothered with ebay due to all the fees plus paypal fees. They go for about £140-£160 online. Would want to get £120ish for it really, its...
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    ordering new door and frame

    I have built a small extension and now have to fit an external stable type door. The opening size (brick to brick, and lintel to slab) is: 915 x 2100mm Therefore can someone please tell me what size door and frame i should go and buy to avoid to much planeing etc? I will also need a...
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    How to find a builder? Large extension.

    if i were you i would employ a project manager as well!
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    screed and elec floor heating

    thanks for the advice, what about adding a small quantity of concrete balast to the mix? Would that improve the stength, say 1.4.1?
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    screed and elec floor heating

    thanks for that, i was putting in some fairly liquid to improve workability but didnt really notice the effects to be honest! I used 1:6 mix from memory, will try 1:4 this time/
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    screed and elec floor heating

    Hi I need to raise the existing floor in my kitchen \ dinner approx 60mm from the existing concrete floor. I have a cable underfloor heating kit and I wil be putting down 8-10mm thick slate floor tiles over the cables. Therefore i probably need to lay a 45 - 50mm screed? The last one...
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    getting sand cement screed level

    thanks merlin, thats what i did last time but when i went over with he trowel to flatten the edges thats when i got the hollows. it hink the screed wasnt compact enough. I only need to raise the floor level about 35mm as the laminate and underlay will porvide the other 15mm, so I wonder if...
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    getting sand cement screed level

    I installed a sharp sand cement screed to an uneven floor in my lounge in the summer about 50mm thick but there are a few un-even parts (still bettewr than it was though). I basically poured the mix from a wheel barrow onto the existing floor and smoothed it with a steel plasters trowel, but...
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    ingerated gas cooker

    excellent thanks for that really appreciate it. dunno why i coulnt find any,
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    soil and rubble under a redundant hearth

    i had this when i removed an internal wall downstairs, soil and damp and even live newts living there. I dug out the loose stuff then filled with sharp sand & cement about 4:1 and troweled it level, then painted on a couple of coats of bitumin to stop the damp, has been fin for the last 6...
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    damp ceiling above bathroom

    pitched roof with clay tiles 100 year old originals. Please see pic. [img] Annoyingly you can't see the roof in question, but its the same covering as the main pitch over the house. Its the pitch above the window in the end gable wall!
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