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    Shower bracket fixing

    I purchased a spray/shower kit from ebay to fix it to one of my sink cabinets. The attached photo shows everythig I got with the kit. I believe I am missing a fixing or two to the bracket 1 in the photo. It came with a circular plate "A" to be fixed to the outer surface of the wall/cabinet. But...
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    Plastic pipe compression fitting

    Hello all In my house, all the radiators are connected through a 10mm plastic pipe which goes directly into the valves with a similar to compression fitting joint. In usual copper pipe compression joint, a brass or copper olive is inserted and then it is bolted on the radiator valve. In my...
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    Type of threads on union offset valve

    Hello all I am trying to fix a thermostatic hand held shower in my bathroom. I ordered this shower from ebay. However, the union offset valves that came with the shower have one 3/4" end threaded usually which would fix into shower itself (Photo as below). The other end of the valve which is...
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    Ceiling lamp and wiring

    Hello all A few days ago one of my room's ceiling lamp stopped working. So I changed the bulb and it still didn't work. I thought it may be the dodgy light switch so I replaced the light switch and it still didn't work. I then went on to replace the bulb holder (or some people as they may call...
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    Wooden wall tile adhesive

    I have a bathroom wall that I need to tile. Its a plywood sheet wall encasing plumbing and electrical lines. The tile on wood adhesive I have seen in the stores is for floors only and can't be used on walls because it doesn't have instant grab quality so the tile wont stay up on the wall. Can...
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    Waste and trap fixing under the sink

    I was looking at one of the ebay listings of a bathroom sink vanity unit. This unit doesn't come with any waste and trap fixing so I would have to buy my own. All I know is that usually there has to be a lot of vertical space under the sink for the trap to fit in. However, in this unit the space...
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    How to extend radiator pipe

    Thanks. It may well be a simple job, may be two hours at max? Before I go ringing plumbers, can I just ask if this make sense and it would work? I am just curious. See the attached figure where I planned to install two push fit connectors at each end of the extension.
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    How to extend radiator pipe

    Hi all. I want to move the radiator in my kitchen by 300mm across the wall in order to make some space for new base units (I need to install dishwasher in those cabinets). I don't want to go into the expensive business of getting a professional plumber to break the plaster into the wall...
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    Central Heating System and Boiler Service

    Thank you sir. The video was helpful and now I am thinking perhaps I was a bit over cautious as it turned out to be a very simple job.
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    Central Heating System and Boiler Service

    I know pal. It was who said they can't do repairs but can do service if its working. She didn't tell me any reason why they can't do the repairs. Anyway I called a local chap to come in and refill the system for £40 but it turns out my expansion vessel was gone too as the pressure...
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    Central Heating System and Boiler Service

    Hello and thanks for looking at this thread and I would much appreciate if you could help me with a boiler dilemma. I have recently purchased a repossessed property so I can’t possibly know whether or not the combi boiler in the property is working/serviced. I can see I have a gas supply at...