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    external upvc window sealant gaps

    Hey all, House is around 5yrs old and whilst up fitting christmas lights a few months ago I noticed some pretty big gaps and poor sealant around my 1st floor windows. The windows are always cold, when windy you can feel wind and the cold air from them so I want to solve this. Photo attached...
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    Staircase skirting edge to plasterboard

    Hi folks, Bear with me as I try to describe this as best as I can, pictures paint a thousand words though so please see those too! In a relatively new build (5yrs old, housebuilder was junk, lots of issues) and it's time to tackle the gaps appearing between the wooden 'large' skirting that...
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    Leaking toilet waste pipe query

    I wondered that but is that not just cosmetic since the seals, etc, are all on the inside?
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    Leaking toilet waste pipe query

    Job done. Apart from being a slightly unpleasant job it went well, and great suggestion @Madrab on the better quality fitting, it fits better and the curved plastic edges finish it much nicer. When I took the old one off, I found the bodgers hallmarks, stuffed full of silicone sealant! So no...
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    Leaking toilet waste pipe query

    Spot on, thanks Madrab, on order so will see how I get on
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    Leaking toilet waste pipe query

    Great answers, thanks guys. Yes I had a feeling it was a replace job, I'll check for movement as that makes sense. I've found : That looks the job, any comments? Nige, I thought (Correct me!) the flexi ones weren't...
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    Leaking toilet waste pipe query

    Hi folks, So I've got a leaking waste pipe from the rubber seal of my bathroom. The house is only 5yrs old and was built by somebody that didn't seem to care on a lot of detail (bit housing company, I'll skip my rant but it involves faulty heating installations, radiators not plumbed correctly...
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    Decorators Caulk/edging repairs

    Ah great, thanks, yeah Fugenboy similar tool smoother from screwfix looks good to use. And yes, plan is to scrape the old stuff off completely along with sanding too, then re-seal and yes repainting the walls. Cheers for the fast reply!
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    Decorators Caulk/edging repairs

    Hi folks, Hopefully a simple one, this is on a new-ish build (3yrs old) and after settling we've got quite a few cracks appeared between the stairs and walls, so this is the plan: Sand/remove the existing edging (It looks like silicone type filler to me), Get some decorators caulk (No Nonsense...
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    Building inspector/new build issue?

    Thanks for all the info and advice, especially on the correct name of cavity trays! Yes it is indeed confusing as a lot of people have now told me, this is a brand new home built by one of the large home builder groups in the North-East England, but I'm also not surprised it was built in an...
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    Building inspector/new build issue?

    Thanks Himaginn, Yes the builders are currently 'investigating' as it is all their fault and within their warranty period, I'm really after a second opinion or if I should be taking it further elsewhere. My council got back to me confirming it isn't a planning/building control issue and that...
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    Building inspector/new build issue?

    Wasn't 100% sure which forum to put this in so please let me know if I'm in the wrong one! This is an issue with a new house I bought just under 2yrs ago, various problems with the house but this last one has really made me question if I should take this further so would appreciate some advise...