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    Long thin decking frame

    Hi All - i'm currently planning a long thin deck attached to the front of the house - 2m x 10m. I want the deck boards to run perpendicular to the house so, one ledger board and 4 joists at 40mm centres, will run parallel to the house. The deck will only be a few inchs off the ground so I'm...
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    Fitting engineered wood flooring into a bi-fold door recess

    Hi All I'm going to be laying floating engineered wood floor on a screed in my living room. At one end of the room is a bi fold door. The planks will go perpendicular to the door recess. I was wondering about the best way to finish this section off. When laid the floor will sit just 1 or 2 mm...
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    Basin waste into mis-shapen 1.5 inch lead

    Hi DIYnotters .... plumbing in me new bathroom ... now onto the basin waste ... there is an existing lead waste pipe going through the wall which is rock solid and going no-where. Hence i would like to get a a connection onto or into the lead pipe... i have bought a plastic compression joint but...
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    concealed shower valve connection

    Hi all - I'm fitting a concealed shower and just thought I'd see if I can get some confirmation that I'm attacking it in the correct manner. The shower ... The valve is vertical with two taps. To...
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    Drayton mid position actuator issue

    Uummm.... I think I am quite happy that the actuator is broken. (I have tried turning it off at the mains) I am just worried that the brass valve is jammed as well. As in the two photos above, I can only manually move it between a 12 o'clock position and a 2 o'clock position. In either of...
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    Drayton mid position actuator issue

    Cheers Jackthorn ... yep, did as suggested and if i force the black lever over into the left hand position then put on the HW it will stay there. If in then put on the CH it moves across to the middle. Then if i turn the HW off, leave CH on it moves to the right. From this point, nothing that...
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    Drayton mid position actuator issue

    Hi All .... I am assuming that it is a coincidence but yesterday we had our gas metre moved. Since the reconnection. When the boiler is supposed to be heating up the tank, it is actually turning the central heating on. This led me to the Drayton mid position actuator. it appears that the...
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    garden wall - damp protection

    We,ve just had a 5ft garden wall built and rendered ... it doesn't have a damp course... the first two courses of block are below ground level.... i'm going to backfill a flower bed up to these first two courses but below the render level. Might be a daft question but should I protect the...
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    fitting a smaller radiator

    I am hoping the flood will not be of biblical proportions... I wanted to get away without draining the whole system... There is one small radiator on the floor above and two others on the same floor... I was hoping to catch the contents of these when I took my radiator off ... Is that not sensible ?
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    fitting a smaller radiator

    The existing radiator is right up against me lads bed and the room got reduced in size a couple of years ago so we don't need the same size radiator.... no real reason to change but the wife wanted a smaller radiator and in an attempt to accrue passout chips, i'm complying with her wishes.... it...
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    fitting a smaller radiator

    Evening all - planning on swapping a radiator for a smaller one this weekend. I thought it might be worth explaining what my plan is on here in case i'm going to make a major cock up. The house is on three floors and the radiator in question is on the middle floor. The central heating is via...
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    diy oak table

    Cheers for the replies everyone - it is 'twisted' slightly. It has been seasoned for several years. I am planning on biscuit joining the planks together. My next question is what glue do you recomend to use when biscuit joining ?
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    diy oak table

    Hello - i've got some solid planks from an oak tree - and i'm now starting to think about making a rustic oak kitchen table. I've sawn the planks down so they are 7 inches wide. The problem is they are 2inches think and slightly warped. Once attached to a table frame my idea is to hire a belt...
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    DIY cavity wall with silvapor

    Anyone ever used Silvapor ? The surveyors say our cavity is too narrow (30mm) and can't be insulated. Been reading about Silvapor - you knock into the cavity at the top of your house, construct some type of hopper then poor the stuff in. Anyone with any experience of this stuff - good or bad ?
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    using hot feed only on washing machine ?

    We been away for a month. The washing machine is in the shed. Now when i've turned the water back on water is coming out from under the machine. It is a hot and cold feed but we have only ever used the cold feed. I haven't had the back off yet but a reckon some internal connector has blown...
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    best way to treat old rafters for garden building

    I've got some old chunky rafters which i am planning to use to build a raised platform / treehouse for the kids. Any suggestions what is the best way to treat this timber for a long outdoor life ?
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    toilet in the shed

    well - firstly this is a new toilet installation - although the soil pipe was installed two years ago when we first built the shed.... so it has no previous history of working before Secondly - there is a normal vented soil stack which enters the sewer about another three metres beyond the...
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    toilet in the shed

    I am plumbing a toilet into my shed but haven't yet got beyond the head scratching stage. The soil pipe comes up out of a solid floor directly under the back of the toilet (close coupled variety). There seems little or no room to put a tee in the soil pipe so that I can then put a air...
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    bossing into a pan connector

    I'm fitting a toilet in my shed and there is little room between the outflow of the toilet and where the soil pipe comes out of a solid floor. To join the two i'm going to use a 90 degree pan connector. Not sure if this is a stupid question but is it ok to boss a waste pipe into a white...
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    box profile cladding --- insulation

    i am soon to be building my shed/office roof. my three layers are going to be 9mm wpb plywood on top of this i plan to put that cheap polystyrene sheets for insulation and on top of this i plan to put box profile roofing sheets. now i think there should probably be a vapour barrier (?)...