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    New Double Glazed Bay window 'pings' in the night

    The previous day it was unusually warm and maybe the next day it was quiet cold,well here in London it was. So expansion and contraction could be the cause,you will need to monitor the situation. Have you had the central heating on,does it make noises then ?. Don't get fobbed off by...
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    Is my gas pipe dangerous

    Next time your landlord/HA does your yearly gas inspection,flag it up to the person doing the inspection. If you smell gas always phone the national grid people and they will disconnect your gas and leave you with no gas till your landlord will resolve the fault. All the best.
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    Do You Need Planning Permission to Change Flat Windows?

    It's very necessary in London,as per my window installation company who dealt with the planning application. As per my council,replacement windows in flats will need a full planning application submitted. Looking at the planning application searches on my councils internet site (last 6...
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    Do You Need Planning Permission to Change Flat Windows?

    Just got PP for my window replacements London area.For my flat. Not in a conservation area or any thing similar. Similar design windows to existing and even more similar to my immediate neighbours. Full application £170.00 fee to council :? and after 8 weeks waiting which involved my...
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    Gallow bracket question added bottom of page :)

    My pennys worth... Councils have different ideas re gallows brackets and chimney support but they are all very similar,some councils have detailed info on the internet But remember that that info could be out of date and useless. The chimney pot needs to be removed and a vent fitted to...
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    Help with chimney breast removal

    Such a bargain ! The council fee's alone for that where I live is £200 approx. James.
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    Help with chimney breast removal

    Cost depends on where you live for example your first quote if in London would be reasonable. Gallows brackets are not always suitable there is information usually from your council on the internet. Best to have all of the chimney breast done at the same time,it costs a little more but...
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    Randall (Danfoss) SET5 programmer - how to access wiring?

    Well you have just passed the first British gas practical test for new employees or was it Bodge it and scarper ltd. Good luck.
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    Rad Tail Extension Laeking

    Call me old fashioned but I have not seen an extension like that. Previously my plumber has used Stelrad extensions the pictured extension looks very lightweight maybe a cheap import although more ptfe on the rad tail should seal it. Don't over tighten the rad tail into your extension as...
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    Persuade plumber rehang radiator no brackets?

    I was also wanting radiator brackets as the existing were lost during renovation. Luckily I had 1 bracket but needed 7 more so I had a sample. First place a plumbers merchants not b&poo type of place, I was told they don't supply brackets as spares because your radiators could have been...
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    Randall (Danfoss) SET5 programmer - how to access wiring?

    Turn off electric to programmer. Last one I did was this way. Yours could be the same. loosen 2 screws on top one in middle and one on the extreme right,small phillips. Pull top only forward and it...
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    Removing Chimney - what do BC sign off

    Harrow council !, I wish you all the best :roll: :roll: They will just give you general advice (which you know already)and advise you to submit plans for building control. To be honest,just get in a specialist company so all the work you need to do is sign a cheque and do some dusting...
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    Removing chimney breast in livingroom and bedroom

    The removal of chimney breasts vary from house to house. Best to get a professional company in. Have a look at I am not advertising the above company,just some useful info there.
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    Part P - what counts as an alteration?

    Personally I would find a fully qualified sparky local to you,someone you can trust as in the future you may want more electric works done. Here in London part p = "passed part of exams" and they charge same rate as time served electricians. Sometimes a time served experienced tradesman...
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    Collapsed Drain? Subsidance? How bad? (Photo's)

    Just to add a little,what freedysmercurytwin :? said re insurance. Never contact your insurance company and mention subsidence or any expensive repairs until you have enough evidence/information or professional reports to back up your claim. cos as soon as you contact your insurance...
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    roofing works / Share of Freehold / Contract

    The previous leasehold / share of freehold places I have lived where major repairs were needed the money would be in position first (including a refundable contingency) before instructing the contractors to go ahead . The above has worked very well. Please do not supervise any contractors...
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    missing earth clamps in consumer unit fitted.

    Thanks again,i have submitted an offer on the property now :D :evil: Estate agent has 4 other offers made today :evil:
  18. J

    missing earth clamps in consumer unit fitted.

    The gas meter and water stop cock are at floor level in the same compartment and both have earth clamps,even the copper pipe is very shiny where the clamps are fitted. All the cables run (neatly in a plastic box) and no cables on the wall surface. No electric shower installed. Thank's.
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    missing earth clamps in consumer unit fitted.

    Thank you for the replies. So there are special conditions for no bathroom earthing,please let me know. All I can add is there is a large green/yellow wire goes from the MK consumer unit to the right side of a large fuse holder. Edit.... right side of large fuse holder. Thanks again.