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    Honeywell ATC928G2000

    I'll post a pic tomorrow when I got home, not sure if that is an issue, it's been working fine with the old cm921.
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    Honeywell ATC928G2000

    I recently got an ATC928, all work as it should, apart from one annoying niggle. Every day it "looses" connection with the boiler relay. 10 hours later is "regains" connection. Thing is, it doesn't, it still works as it should. so far, it has done it every night without fail, and it does it 10...
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    Hotpoint WD64 bearing replacement

    Trying to replace the bearings on my WD64, however the inner bearing does not want to budge, am I missing something obvious? Im presuming it comes out from inside the drum, as the inner bearing is larger than the outer, and the seal is pressed in from the inside. Tried my manual bearing...
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    Motorhome customisation advice

    I had a friend who did a merc sprinter into a 2 berth camper, took him 4 years in total from bare van to finished product, but it did look pro, not a cobbled together. The biggest problem they had was insurance, there are only a few insurers around that will touch a homebuilt camper, DVLA were...
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    using water-based touch-up paint

    a 24y/o car WILL have faded with age, a ready made tester pot will be the original colour, not the faded one. Id go to a body shop and get them to make up a matching touch up pot, will cost more, but it will match the faded colour
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    2nd Turbo has gone in 9 months

    Im guessing oil starvation killed the 1st one, and oil flow wasn't checked when they fitted the new unit, hence the premature failure of the new unit.
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    Floppy drive emulators

    indeed, some can be "hacked" to use USB or usb drives (some of the strand desks spring to mind. USB floppy drives are avaliable, I have a couple (for this purpose TBH)
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    Drum replacement on a laser printer

    just keep going, the image will degrade over time, when it gets to the point of unacceptable, replace. how long you can push it depends on how good a quality print you want. you wont damage anything if thats what you are worried about.
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    SMD, LED, High Power LED - Advice needed

    to add, I do not think you will find a 7-8W lamp that will fit a standard fitting, most, if not all, are longer than standard lamps. 5/6W is the max at a normal 50mm length. £12 is about right for these for decent lamps with a good life/cost/light ratio
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    Changing to LED lighting

    check your fittings too, 7W LEDs tend to be longer than a normal lamp (75mm in most cases), so may not fit into downlights etc
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    No light for the darts!

    presumably he means he swapped a general lighting fitting for one for the dartboard, so it is switched with the rest of the pub lights. decent GU10s are only a couple of quid, not £5 we use some in a similar situation, on all day and they last approx 3 months, (cheepies a couple of weeks if we...
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    Producing a presentation using HTML

    and don't ever put audio on a website that cant be turned off. personally I would prefer it not to be there at all, but if you must, an "off" button is a must. those that don't get closed immediately from me. video with audio should always be a click to play. comic sans, run away...
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    Changeover Switch

    why not buy a couple of electric meters? that way you know who has used what and split the bill accordingly.
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    time for a new battery ?

    scoot batteries never seem to last long, I dont know if they overcharge them of something, but mine used to last 12-18 months, even Vartas, that was a Yamaha. The one on my '75 suki 125 did better, but I never noticed cos it didnt have electric start.
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    I refer you to my previous link, and also these: they are far from common, but do exist, the ones I have come accross have always been from shop display cabinets for some reason. Just as 12V GU10 bases exist...
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    Shame, that particular seller actually does some pretty good 12V LED lamps, got a few in my caravan. maybe its to go with these.
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    lighting circuit installation methods, not seen this one...

    Cheers, with regard to the hearing aid, yes probably, those either side of this property are elderly. It has had a recent rewire like I said, I beleive before the current occupier moved in, so about 12 months ago, I did like the 15 way CU with 7 ways used, bit overkill that.
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    lighting circuit installation methods, not seen this one...

    Just doing a bit of work in a house yesterday, came across an interesting way of the lighting being fed. We all know about loop at rose, and loop at switch, but this setup had a bit of both. Live was looped at the switch, neutral was looped at rose, all wired in singles/s+e recent rewire...
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    Camcorder battery

    the other point is, the remote control car charger is likly to be for Ni-Cad, or NIMh batteries. The one in your pic is Li-ion, DO NOT attempt to recharge Li-ion batteries with anything other than the proper Li-ion charger.
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    Halogen for led

    expect to pay £15+ for something worth having, and be careful of 7W ones, these are usually too long. 5W ish are usually the right size.