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    Dot and dab wall huge gap from thermlite, kitchen cabinets

    I have had a new extension plastered and due to lining up old and new walls some plasterboard is about 20 - 25mm dabbed from the blockwork maybe more in places and you can get fingers between no problem! What would be the best way to fit kitchen cabinets in this case? Thanks in advance
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    Marley sa42 or some other soil to 110mm adaptor?

    Ignore my size issue as I can see it would work regardless, however I wonder in a concealed non access space will these adapters pass bc? Thanks
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    Marley sa42 or some other soil to 110mm adaptor?

    Hi All, I have a situation where I have an old mortar based clay soil pipe going down into the ground from an old soil stack that I need to cut the collar off and put in a soil adaptor. I am guessing the adaptor will only protrude a few mm once fitted as I require to keep to the lowest possible...
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    Suspended timber floor with wet underfloor heating and tile finish

    Hi All, I have been reading up on how to fit underfloor heating with an existing timber floor and have come across the method of a suspended insulation board between and then heating pipes and screed. However as the finished floor will be tile this will then have the floorboard and then hardie...
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    Warm roof insulation edge

    I have found this post // but wondered if there is a cheaper method than kerbing the lot?
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    Warm roof insulation edge

    Hi All, I am building my first warm roof construction that doesn't have brick and wall plate past the insulation. I am wondering the common way of creating mounting points for the fascia on the edge of the 120mm insulation, do you run wood all the way around the perimeter of the insulation...
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    main inlet cutoff in a brett martin IC?

    Thanks noseall, I am having a good laugh at the second comment!! :D
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    main inlet cutoff in a brett martin IC?

    Hi All, I am building an extension and need to re-route one of the connections to an IC. I have a Brett Martin 450mm IC and it looks like this connection that will be removed is the main inlet. This would leave a branch connection and the exit only. I know that this will likely cause backing...
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    110mm 90 degree access and de-commissioning an underground run

    Hi, I am moving an underground drainage run that supports only waste from my building. There is a part where I am going to have to go round the corner of my house with a 90, either side of this 90 will be about 4 metres. Instead of putting a chamber for access could I T off vertically for...
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    BiFold Door corner with a 150mm beam

    Just received a call from a bifold company, detail for anyone that needs to do this is steel either goes into the centre of the wall or inner skin, outside of steel is built up in wood off the steel to allow bifold fitment with some insulation, inner is plasterboarded, however to actually have a...
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    BiFold Door corner with a 150mm beam

    This is the thing, I don't really want to go through an architect just for this one design, I would rather just have a one sided Bi-fold and return the wall slightly than pay that cost on top. This headache all started when my Mrs said wouldn't a corner bifold without a 665mm brick column be...
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    BiFold Door corner with a 150mm beam

    Hi All, I am performing a self build and have got a plan for opening the corner of the extension with 2 seperate bifold setups around the corner. In the middle holding up the corner there will be a 150mm vertical steel beam with steelwork then running off the top horizontally to each wall at...
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    Wage to expect as a bricklayers labourer?

    Negotiating salary can be quite daunting, however we all have to make a living whilst young and able! Try to meet with your boss without then having to work together for the day, it will give him time to go and reflect and feel less under pressure and you are more likely to get honest feedback...
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    New extension brickwork, 30mm diff. Existing wall heights

    I am self building a rear extension and the foundation was poured level using laser levels 375mm below dpc. It seems that although the concrete block on one end wall lines up nicely, the other external wall is 30mm higher so the block is 30mm too low. Do I just have to presume my blocks/bricks...
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    Leaving foundation open time?

    Hi All, I am doing a self build extension however I have got to the point I need to dig the foundation, as this is a ring beam on already set piles it may take me a week or 2 to get to the point concrete. Foundation will be 1 metre x 500 due to needing heave protection with a 450 ring beam...
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    140 mm Lintel best way to remove 60 mm from height?

    Hi, I am building an extension and ready to go through the old external cavity wall. The wall has a small window where we have to go through, unfortunately there is a current lintel of 140 mm that is 60 mm too low, if we use a 65 mm standard lintel this would leave 75 mm either side of where...
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  18. New extension

    New extension

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    laying trench blocks, etc upto dpc in the rain

    Hi, I have a bricklayer on Monday and it looks like rain (some heavy) is to be expected. Is it ok to lay the start of our new extension in the rain (the foundation is pooling with water now) Many Thanks, Kevin
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    Claylite sizing and excessive trench depth help?

    Awesome, thanks for the prompt responses on this, I just hope we can get the claylite to stay where it should whilst the concrete is poured!