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    Boiler says no!

    I have a Glow worm ultracom 2 30cxi boiler and am having some problems with water temp. The temp seems to have lowered to the upstairs taps and shower, the downstairs kitchen seems ok. Also running the bath seems to go from Luke warm to fairly hot. Heating seems ok. I tried to use the temp...
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    internal door advice.

    thanks, what would be the best handles to fix to the doors, as obviously when folded they will get in the way.
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    internal door advice.

    We would have it fully open most of the time, does a bi-fold door need a track?
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    internal door advice.

    Hi The house we have moved in to has a double door sized opening between lounge/dining room, all nicely framed in. It's nice to have it opened up, but would also like to close it up on a cold night. So I could fit a pair of doors on parliament hinges so they can fold back against the...
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    Netatmo Smart thermostat

    Thanks, so to confirm from the picture of the existing thermostat I need the yellow and grey wire, it's not very clear which terminal is which. The image has been rotaed for some reason, the wires are along the bottom. :)
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    Netatmo Smart thermostat

    Hi, I've purchased a Netatmo wireless thermostat to replace satchwell tlx 2259. I've looked at the install guide from Netatmo, and it says I need to identify the control wires: My thermostat has three wires and I cant easily identify...