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    Electric cable in heating pipe notch

    Any reason why cable for heating controls can't be run in the same hole as heating pipe? The electrician has threaded his cable through the same drilled hole which I've put my plastic heating pipe through. Not sure if this is ok. Should I get him to re run it in it's own hole? Cheers.
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    Glow worm ultimate neons 1 and 3

    Thanks for reply. I've put it in the CC. Not sure I can give you many more clues. I'm fairly new to fault finding, so I usually need all the help I can get. Thanks.
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    Glow worm ultimate neons 1 and 3

    Hello, Been to look at a Glow worm ultimate 50 ff. Boiler is making a loud buzzing noise, and neons 1 and 3 are lit. I was thinking it might be the air pressure switch, but i'm not that familiar with these boilers. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks.
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    Flue from boundary.

    Do you have manufacturers instructions? Most boilers require 300mm not 600.
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    Wireless reciever cont

    Ring vokera and they will tell you. I've done one, and it's not quite the same as removing the link. You have to swap a couple of wires, but I can't remember which. Vokera are happy to tell you though.
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    Foam around a water tank

    ha ha ha ha....never heard such a stupid idea in my life!!!!!
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    2 port valve wiring

    Is there a reason honeywell 2 port valves have a 6 core wire on the 28mm, and a 5 core on the 22mm. The reason I ask is that I was converting a gravity system to a c-plan. I put a normal 22mm 2 port on it. When I came to wire it, it needed white core to turn boiler on for heating. Had to buy...
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    Combi in Airing cupboard using remaining space?

    It needs to have a fire resistant barrier between the boiler compartment and the space used for storage. You also need a notice clearly displayed in the boiler compartment stating that it shoudn't be used for storage. I know this because I had a defect notice from gas safe stating it on an...
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    Error code on Potterton Gold

    Hi, Fitted a Potterton Gold in the last couple of days. Customer called me last night to say there was an error code...E133. I checked inlet pressure, and when it was firing it was only 7MB. I happened to have a meter regulator in my van so swapped the existing one, and all was fine...
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    gas usage trebled since installing Worcester 37CDi combi?

    Turn your boiler up so the temp is 75. It will be in condensing mode for longer and be more efficient. The heating shouldn't cost any more than before. Incidentally, why didn't you go for stored water if you're having more than one bathroom?
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    Stopcock does not work

    Good luck! You really need to find the external stop tap to be able to replace your stop tap. You could try freezing it if you can access it. If access is awkward you could get a push fit stop tap wich might make life easier.
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    Capriz Frozen Condensation Pipe

    There is a sensor in the top of the condensate trap which is probably wet from the trap being full. This needs drying, otherwise it's still telling the PCB that the trap is full.
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    Wiring a Viessmann

    oh yeah, I could even pick up the neutral and earth for the pump in the wiring centre.
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    Wiring a Viessmann

    I think i've got it! I can use the neutral and earth from the boiler for the pump.
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    Wiring a Viessmann

    I guess it's not ideal to have the boiler booting up from nothing every time there's a call for heat. I have done two this way with no problems. I think I can manage to get the pump lead from the boiler back to the pump, then I can use one of the other cores as a switched live. Thanks for...
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    Wiring a Viessmann

    I don't really see a problem with it going through a purge every time it starts up, it only takes a few seconds. I'm only asking these questions because i've only wired a few heat only boilers, and i like to try to make it as easy as possible for myself. The existing boiler has a 5 core...
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    Wiring a Viessmann

    I think i'll wire it without the pump over run. It'll make life easier is I don't have to run a wire from boiler to the pump. It's the vitodens 100 compact by the way.
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    Wiring a Viessmann

    I'm swapping a Potterton for a heat only Viessmann. The Potterton has a switched live, and pump live. Does anyone know if I can use the 1 and L terminal on the Viessmann as the switched live, and pump live? Or is the only way to have pump over run, is to use the flying lead supplied with the...
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    57kw needed

    Thanks for all the replies and ideas, and the diagram. It is a domestic job, but I guess it's leaning towards small domestic really. Ideally i'd have liked to have done heat calcs and fitted all the heating circuit. But as it stands whoever has piped up all the heating has done it all in...
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    57kw needed

    Having never fitted a low loss header i'm not entirely sure how they work. Do I pipe up both flow and returns into them, and then a flow and return out of them into each heating circuit? I'm guessing from the two outlets on the header i'd pipe up the zones as normal? Thanks.