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    Worcester 28 CDI

    Good evening, I am after some help/advice. I have sse home shield boiler care. I have the above boiler serviced annually. 2 weeks ago I had intermittent hot water. The divert valve was replaced by SSE, it was noticed the expansion tank wa leaking, this was also replaced. When the heating...
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    Timber coping

    Afternoon all, I have a company coming round on Monday to erect a fence in my garden. The fence will be on top of a 1m high wall. The fence is 50cm in height. The company came on Friday to do a little prep work. The prep work consisted of cementing and screwing length of 6" x 2" on to the...
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    Front door painting

    I stripped all the old varnish of my front door yesterday(Saturday) and applied two coats of "Ronseal Super Flexible Primer and Undercoat" the paint went on well leaving a nice smooth finish. I rubbed down with 240 grit after the 2nd undercoat had dried. This morning (Sunday) I applied the...
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    Spindle help.

    I am after some spindles as per the ones in the left hand side of the picture. I have spent many hours looking but have been unable to find ones to match. Any help as to where I could get some would be great. Cheers Russell
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    Worcester 28CDi

    I noticed on my worcester 28CDi the pressure gauge was reading zero. I went to fill up the water level. When filling up the pressure gauge was not rising and water was gushing out of the overflow outside the house. Suspect pressure relief valve. I have found a parts catalogue online and...
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    Radiators are cold

    I have been doing a lot of work to my property. I have got to the point of putting the down stairs radiators back on the wall. At the moment they are all fed from 8mm microbore, since reinstalling them they barely get warm. I have bleed the system many times. I have very limited access...
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    PC pat cable

    A friend had the same problem the other week, 3 options, 1 contact the company who make the pat tester and get a usb lead off them 2 buy a RS232 card and install it to the pc. 3 try and RS232 to usb cable We tried a RS232 to usb cable but could not get it working so he got a RS232 card...
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    Terminal Block

    cable changed without a problem, apologies for taking so long to thank you, got called away with work. cheers Russell
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    Terminal Block

    I am after some advice if possible. I have just dropped a ceiling in my house and found terminal block which is on the upstairs ring. Before I re-board the ceiling I am wanting this sorted out. Not long had my CU replaced but this was not found on the PIR. Can think of 4 options open to...
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    Please help (white post with 2 orange squares )

    Everyday on the way to work i pass a white post with 2 orange squares on top, have always wondered what they are for, if anyone knows please let me know, have looked on google but having no joy. Cheers Russell
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    Rough price

    I have been slowly doing up my house, skimming the walls as I go along. Skimmed bathroom, kitchen and dinning room so far. Pleased with the finish I have got. Now I have come onto my front room, The room is 4.7m by 3.2m by 2.35m high. The walls are brand new square edge plasterboard, all...
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    Two consumer units, okay or not?

    As said before sounds like he has a spare cu he wants rid of, from the link above ring round a few places to see who has 12...
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    How To Drill 2 Holes In Tile For Shower Mixer Pipes?

    Got a pack of 3 tile cutters from b&q, this one had a drill to start them off with. When drilling my tiles i started by marking the tiles, and then starting with just the drill bit, then when hole was started i fit the hole cutter, and start to slowly drill. When the large hole is started...
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    Which Door

    I have changed 2 door linings and now looking for doors. Got the linings from b&q, they measure 1992x686, the only doors i can see are 1981x686, am i right in thinking that the 11mm difference between the door lining size and door is to allow for flloring?
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    Skimming on skim

    cheers for your quick reply, would i need to wait for it to fully dry before doing this, or can i crack on with it today?
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    Skimming on skim

    Was skimming a wall yesterday when towards the end got called to my daughters school, so was unable to polish the wall, is it possible to pva and applied another coat and then polish this? Cheers russ
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    multi room

    Very interested in this topic. Been looking at doing the same in my own house. Video is all sorted but for audio not sure really what route to go down. Not got a large budget so been playing around with pc based multiroom audio. At the moment i have 4 external usb sound cards running on my...
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    Please help with my lock

    cheers for your help, not sure if it makes a difference but it is a solid wood door, measured it and is 40mm. just come across this site, would this be ok