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    Garage door opener can't open the door all the way

    That's really interesting. Thanks. I beefed up the top of the door today with some flat steel strip pop riveted on and it's improved a little but still only high/reliable to get my z4 in and out of the garage, normal car would have no chance. Will look into the bow arms, the door only needs a...
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    Garage door opener can't open the door all the way

    Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes, it's a single piece sprung up and over door. I got fed up with getting in and out of the car to open and close it so bought a closer. It could well be that it's not compatible with my door. Will add some more pictures. The editor doesn't seem to allow video...
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    Garage door opener can't open the door all the way

    Yeah, 2/3 open to fully open looks like hard work if you can only pull horizontally
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    Garage door opener can't open the door all the way

    Yes, manually it's all good. But that's with me pushing the door up or pulling it down. I tried pulling it (as if I were the opener) and it's doable for most of it but very hard to do for the last foot or two
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    Garage door opener can't open the door all the way

    Hi I got a Hormann Supramatic garage door opener and installed it according to the pretty dreadful instructions. The door however doesn't open all the way with the auto opener installed. Have tried various tensions on the garage door spring to assist and the link bad between the door and...
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    How to fix Aerial Mast brackets to a tiled wall?

    Hi. I need to mount a TV Aerial to the gable end of my Chalet Bungalow. It has particularly unattractive concrete tiles in this portion of the wall (see attached pic) What is my best bet for mounting brackets to the tiles? I'll be using the big T brackets to spread the load rather than the...
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    What to fill hardwood door with?

    One of the buildings that I look after dates from the 1870s. We have a presumably orginal door that is of 'slatted' construction with boards that are butted up to one another. There is some separation of these boards now and I'm unsure what would be the best product to fill them with. It...
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    Does Ingersoll nightlatch have to have Ingersol cylinder?

    Hi. Am looking to change a lock for secuity purposes. It's a commercial building where the encumbants have no idea who has a key! The lock is an Ingersol Classic nightlatch. The replacement cylinders are about £70! Can I just use any brand of cylinder and replace the plate the secures the...
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    3rd Party drill batteries, any good?

    Hello The batteries from my blue bosch drill have died but the drill itself is fine. Bosch batteries cost nearly as much as a new drill with batteries included. There are companies offering compatible batteries for a much more reasonable cost, on ebay, amazon and their own websites. I...
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    Fixings for bold down fence post bracket

    Supposing it is concrete under the top layer of asphalt, how thick would it need to be?
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    Fixings for bold down fence post bracket

    Hello I'm looking to help my friend who's fence blew down recently. His 'builder' had screwed some 100mm posts to his three courses of block high wall and fixed three ft of feather edge along the top of the wall. So of course the wall fell over in the recent wind. I'm planning to help...
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    Uneven floor in downstairs bathroom, what are the options?

    We're doing up our downstairs bathroom, the old floor tiles have been removed leaving a fairly uneven surface. I've removed what I can of the old adhesive but would estimate there is still at least 5mm variance overall. The wife would like Lino on the floor which as I understand it demands...
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  14. Bath floor

    Bath floor

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    How to paint a previosly stained summerhouse?

    Hello Our old summerhouse is looking a little worse for wear. It was previosly stained a dark brown colour but we would like to paint it a pale blue. It seems there are many products for staining untreated wood but I've not found anything that is obviously for giving an opaque finish...
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    How to paint a bare wood bookcase?

    Hello I've just built a bookcase from pine at the request of she who must be obeyed. She would like the bookcase to be painted white or off white and was looking at 'shabby chic' paints. These look a bit pricey and specialist, what normal paints would you recommend for is application...
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    Lumpy bathroom ceiling, what are my options?

    Just stripped the paint on my ceiling, really peeled off easily. Its revealed an area that has obviously been patched in the past for some reason. I don't want to paint it as it is and it would seem drastic to get the whole thing skimmed, easpecially as the rest is really flat. This area...
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    Shower Enclosures, what to look for.

    Hello I'm looking to change our grotty old shower enclosure over the Christmas period. I've been lucky enough to never have to had to buy one before and consequently have no idea what makes a good one. What should I be looking for? I've seen thicknesses from 4mm up, self cleaning glass...
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    T5 1149mm tubes 54w or lower?

    Hi I've managed to get hold of some industrial spec T5 flourescent fittings that are advertised as taking 4* 54w T5 tubes. I imagine that my garage would be visible from space with that kind of lighting power and didn't know if I can use lower wattage tubes with the higher power control...