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    Possibly dangerous wiring at in-laws?

    Ah yea, I knew what you meant, but that's good enough for me. At least it's not looking obviously dangerously incompetent which was my fear
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    Possibly dangerous wiring at in-laws?

    Hahaha yea it's not great is it? The father-in-law actually paid someone to do this. Granted it was nearly 40 years ago but still. I'd have been 8 then and I'm pretty sure I'd still have known to put the insulation up to the block. Still what you say about the state of the wiring in the ceiling...
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    Possibly dangerous wiring at in-laws?

    Hey all. Was roped into changing a light fitting for in-laws, thought it would be simple but I'm a bit concerned by what I've seen. Both the original fitting and the replacement are both metal. The new one has a 3 core cable so needs earthed. The original only has two wires in the original flex...
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    How to remove horrible brown adhesive before skimming?

    Hey all. We’re getting a kitchen put in and I’ve had to remove some horrible woodchip wallpaper that was painted over multiple times. With gloss Got it off (had to chisel it off! It was literally a mil and a half thick) but I’m left with some horrible brown stuff that I can only assume is the...
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    Minimum end bearing size for fireplace lintel

    Hahaha thanks Tony. Noseall tried yr recipe. Tasted disgusting
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    Minimum end bearing size for fireplace lintel

    Noseall: brilliant. Thank you. Really appreciate the advice. That’s interesting about it being the minimum for any beam. So a beam spanning the whole width of a house say should have 100mm but also small lintel over a doorway should have the same? Not what I’d have expected. Anyway it all went...
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    Minimum end bearing size for fireplace lintel

    Hey everyone. Never really posted on forums but have read some good stuff here so figure you’re the best people to ask. Me and missus have just bought our first house and she’s kindly agreed to let me remove the electric fire that was in one of the rooms and take a hammer and chisel to the...
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