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    Is My Gas Meter Metric or Imperial?

    Attached. Thanks John
  2. Gas Meter

    Gas Meter

  3. Gas Meter

    Gas Meter

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    Hot Water Problem

    Is that the correct part?
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    Hot Water Problem
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    Hot Water Problem

    It's a Baxi combi 105 HE When running the hot taps that don't work the burner light does not light. The bath hot tap makes the boiler run normally
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    Hot Water Problem

    Hi, For about the last week we have been having trouble with the combi boiler. When you run the downstairs kitchen sink hot tap or the bathroom vanity sink hot tap we get no hot water. The boiler makes a humming noise and nothing else, the water runs cold. However, when you run the bath...
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    Felting a Concrete Roof

    I have a flat concrete roof that needs felting/waterproofing. It's starting to leak in places around the edges. I'm pretty good at DIY but never done any roofing. Apart from felt, what sort of adhesive should I use etc, Many thanks in advance John
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    Central Heating Running Costs

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question. We have a combi boiler that feeds 3 double, and 4 single radiators. Are we using the same amount of gas when all radiators are on, compared to when only one or two are on. I have always thought it doesnt matter how many radiators you have, your...
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    Floor Tile Advice

    I am tiling my bathroom floor, and fitting a cladded panel to the bath. Should I fit cladding first and but tile upto cladding with a bead of sealent for good measure, or lay floor first upto cladding frame work and then clad last. Sealent too? Cheers John
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    Waste Pipe for Basin

    I've just changed the sink in my bathroom, and the waste from the bottom of the sink to the trap is about 1" short. I've tried using a trap extention but it's too short to get a grip. Are the any flexi connections out there that will help me out with knocking a new hole in the wall for a new...
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    Air Con/Blower Problem

    I have a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi LX. 60000 miles, 52 plate. I've just got the car, and having had focus's in the past, this one seems a bit different. The air coming out of the blowers under the windscreen is really cold, even on a warm day, and the air con button is not on. When the air...
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    Clean up those Index.dat files : Privacy !!

    Create a new text file, and save it with as index.dat. The text file should be empty. Then log in as administrator, and copy and paste the index.dat you have just created over the index.dat file in the cookies folder of each profile. That should do it.
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    Waterproofing Flat Concrete Roof

    I've got a flat concrete above my back kitchen and outhouse. I want to waterproof the roof as easily as possible. I've seen some liquids/paints from AquaSeal, at my local DIY store, that you can paint onto a concrete roof. undercoat first then a sealer coat? They also sell a repair mastic to...