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    Air in rads - is it due to pump?

    Have an open F&E system. Had a few problems recently with the central heating. - Primarily clanging, whooshing noises. Thought it was due to the pump - so I replaced the pump. Next pilot on boiler starting going out - So got someone in who replaced the Thermo-couple, as system was...
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    pilot goes out after 10mins banging

    :D Thanks for the help Slugbabydotcom - the pump was indeed the wrong way up. Even though I bought the same type of pump, it was a later model and the flow direction was set the other way. This helped solve the problem, but after further investigation we got in a plumber to replace the...
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    pilot goes out after 10mins banging

    wonder if anyone can help... We had some banging noises a week or so ago and suspected the pump was the problem. We have microbore pipes and the pump looked pretty old. I gave it a knock with a hammer and it worked for a few more days then gave up the ghost - so i have now replaced it - like...