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    Hot Water but no Central Heating

    Ideal concord boiler Sunvig tkd 3501 thermostat (new) initial problem: boiler not firing installed new themostat boiler heats up, plenty of hot water. boiler gets very hot especially pump and primary CH pipes and the clicks off without the heat getting to the rads TIA JOHN
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    Bathroom Towel Rail

    no, Valve was set to auto and temperature set to 60c
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    Bathroom Towel Rail

    This question is linked to subject Cental Heating Pump and I have repostioned the pump pointing up towards the motorised valve and have no heat to the radiators, but it solved the air in the system and the hot water in the F & E tank. I Have just taken off my towel rail. Normal Valves (not...
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    Central Heating Pump

    Hi, Floor sited Potterton Boiler (max Setting) Grundfos Pump (Speed 2) Open Vented System Gravity fed Motorised Valve Cylinder thermostat (set to 60) I am doing some work on my central heating and cannot remember which way round the old pump went, I have installed the new pump arrow...