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    Toilet inlet, won't seal

    Hi, thanks for the replies. I guess I pasted the wrong link - yes it's the 1/2 BSP, plastic shank. Terrypluimb, thats very interesting! I'll take a better look at the washer in the flexi hose. The thread on the inlet looks OK but it does have some old black mastic on it that could be the...
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    Toilet inlet, won't seal

    Hi I have a Fluidmaster Bottom-Entry Fill Valve ½" ( It's been in a couple of years with no problems but recently started to leak - Im' not sure if the original leak was from the water in the cistern or the mains water in the...
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    Push button bath waste (moved from Trade Talk)

    Is there a bath waste that opens by a push button on the overflow? Closure can be by pushing down on the waste like a click-clack type but be opened by pushbutton remote - i.e. without getting hand wet. We currently have a rotary open-close for the waste on the overflow but it's lost it's shine...