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    Kitchen advise

    The extra depth on the worktops are for various reasons . some people like a 50 mm overhang on the front of the carcases , some only 30 mm. Also the extra material can be used to scribe into the wall to get a really good fit if the walls are not dead straight and you are not tiling . basiclly...
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    Cutting down kitchen cupboard

    Hi the best way by far to get these shelves chip free is to jut just off the length you require and then rout the edges straight with a router and a good quality blade .. this will give you a clean edge and it will be square.. a circular saw will chip the topside of the cut , even with a very...
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    Wardrobe Door Hinges

    A company called Hafele deal in blum hinges .. may be worth while contacting them .. google will find them .
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    Options for New Overmounted Kitchen Sink ?

    Astracast do a good range of composite sinks , so do schocke . I do not know of any composite that do a twin taphole for a deck mixer . unless you are looking for a sink that will incorporate a dispenser, as in soap or filtered water .again both of the above do this style .
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    Association of master tradesmen. Con or not?

    This is a three year old topic originally .. it would be interesting to know how the OP has got on over that time . these days it is better to spend the money on a good website .
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    Installing two ovens

    napit are requesting now that any cooking appliance over 2kw is on it's own radial , is this correct and is there a regulation to support this comment ?. and if so . what size cable and mcb would be required ?
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    Position of tumble dryer vent / outlet

    Hi Vards Nearly all the freestanding tumbles have venting on the bottom left .. roughly 150 mm from floor to centre, and about 100mm in from left hand side of machine .. going centre will cause an issue of having to have a 4 inch pipe running behind machine to reach the hole . obviously...
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    Kitchen draw pack ( Flat Pack)

    Just a suggestion read instructions , they give you the dimensions
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    IS this a bad tiling job ?

    as a tiler , this man would make a good postman and I bet he thinks it a great job !! my mates 6 yr old daughter could do better
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    Disabled Parking

    bit late for me to grow up now Noseall. It is a shame that kids don't always do as they are told , but neither do adults . i do understand the difficulties of having children , but why should parents expect special treatment for a choice that they made about having children . there never...
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    Disabled Parking

    why should people with children have special dispensation on parking , and get bigger parking spaces nearer the doors of shops .. have parents cars got bigger doors than those without children? . can they not walk distance anymore?
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    I get the impression that you think that the stream of air from your shower will blow into a sealed tank and then condense and let the water out of a 15mm pipe ? right? this will not work all that will happen is that the air will stop flowing because it has nowhere to go .. the 4 " pipe is there...
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    slate tiles

    thanks for all the advise guys
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    slate tiles

    thanks tpt not a novice tiler , just never done slate before .. should be a challenge lol
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    slate tiles

    Hi Tpt i have the sealer for the tiles prior to grouting , which is supplied by the tile people . it is an existing cement floor ( not new ) . I was planning on using rapid set flexible ( 3 hours set time ) and flexible grout , so was just wondering if the floor needed any special treatment...
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    slate tiles

    Hi Any tips here on fixing these type of tiles ? do I need to seal floor first ( cement screed ) or do i just crack on with the tiling . I have the sealer ready, and i have flexible adhesive and grout, any help here would be greately appreciated. many thanks Phill
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    Kitchens supplied with Blum fittings

    Hi Curium Depending on what budget you have . If you are looking for a cheap off the shelf kitchen like ikea or b-and poo then the fittings and hinges are going to be reflective of the price.. most middle market kitchens are now fitted with quality gear ie Blum , Hettich and a few other makes...
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    van that will hold 8x4 sheets

    my mwb movano will hold 3m worktop and pipe no problems. You must have the Short wheel base , tonka toy one If you ddo not need anything longer than 2mtr the little one is ok .. tube on roof rack for pipes
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    van that will hold 8x4 sheets

    Might I make a suggestion . go look for a van you like .. drive it .. if you still like it .. measure the carrying capacity of the back .. check the manufactures figures for fuel usage .. check your insurers for costing .. if all is well that one . I personally have a Vauxhaul Movano...
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    £312 + VAT for 8 hours electrical work?

    "All he supplied was shaver socket and the wiring. " and his time , and the van , and the fuel to get to you , his expertise, signing it off on part P, liability insurance, indemnity insurance, warranty, wear and tear on tools, consumables , tax, national insurance, pension, .. the biggest...