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    What radiator pipes

    Most of my heating system is 22mm flow and return pipes with 8mm feeding each radiator. What would be the effect of feeding some new radiators with 15mm pipe? The new boiler is an Ideal Isar HE35 combi.
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    Kitchen extract

    Yes building control said I need one. It has to be 60l/s is 230m³/hr enough?
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    Water pipes in concrete

    I am going to lay some water pipes in the concrete floor. There is some sticky stuff you need to wrap round the pipe to stop the concrete corroding the copper pipe. What is it, where can I buy it?
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    Kitchen extract

    I am having some alterations done - Knocking 2 rooms together to make one big kitchen. Do the building regulations state that I must have some sort of mechanical extraction? There are opening windows in the room and a back door? The rest of the work is being done to comply with the...
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    Invisible nailing

    I am planning to lay new floor boards and I would like to leave the boards exposed (stained and varnished). Has anyone had any experience of invisible nailing the boards throught the tongue into the joists? I don't want rows of nails showing? Also if I get new boards from a timber yard will...
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    Floating Shelves

    It is a masonary wall. Where can I buy the rods?
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    Floating Shelves

    I can get my joiner to make the shelves to match the kitchen he is making but does anyone know where I can buy just the brackets? (Those rod type things that the shelf slides on to.)
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    Floating Shelves

    We want to install some chunky kitchen shelves, but we want a clean look without ugly brackets. Does anyone know of a suppier of shelving systems with hidden brackets that can take a heavy load of a kitchen stuff??? I have seen some that slot onto sort of rods that are attached to the wall...
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    Central heating boiler in bathroom

    I am about to replace my central heating boiler. It is a combi boiler and I would like to site it in the en-suite bathroom. Is this possible or is it against building regs, even if it is in zone 3?
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    Standard Building Contract

    I am about to take on a builder for some work on my house. Does any know of a source of a standard building contract for us both to sign.
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    Halogen downlighters - low voltage or mains?

    Which shall I get? With low voltage can the transformer go in the cieling void? Will it conk out and require me to lift carpets/boards to replace it? Will it make a constant annoying huummmmmm noise? Can any one point out the relative benefits please?
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    What Happens Here On P-Day?

    Does this also mean that B&Q will be closing the eletrical isle, and having a closing down sale in December to get shut of all the stock???
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    Stelrad Savannah rads - anyone heard of them?

    I just replaced 4 very old radiators with some new Stelrad radiators (rebadged Europa bought from Grahams). They all leaked where I had screwed the valves into the radiator. The valves I bought already had PTFE tape wrapped round the thread so I simply took them out of the packaging and used...
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    Condensing boilers - new regs

    I am ready to replace my boiler some time soon. Often when I have mentioned this I am told "Do it quick, because the regs are changing and you will be forced to buy an expensive condensing boiler". This usually comes from someone who wants to either sell me or install a new heating system so I...
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    How much sand do I need to buy

    I am installing a quarry tile floor in my garden room using some reclaimed quarry tiles. The floor area is approx 27sq/m and I intend to lay the tiles on a bed of mortar 1/2" thick. How do I calculate how much sand/cement to buy?
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    Fireplace alterations

    The fireplace is not going to be used. We are just putting a dummy fire surround on the front to make it look more of a feature rather than just a bare chimney breast. The chinmey is actually used by a log burner on the other side of the wall with the flue pipe coming through the wall higher up.
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    Fireplace alterations

    I have a narrow (3') wide chimney breast in my dining room. The fireplace is a dodgy affair consisting of two wonky brick walls about 4'6" apart with a thin steel beam between them that is supporting the chimney (up the above 3 storeys). I would like to narrow the fireplace and put a...
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    Log burning stove

    Thanks for the reply. It was revolting, and we opened all the doors and windows. The instruction advised small fires at first to season it but didn't mention the fumes. It is a MORSO cast iron stove.
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    Log burning stove

    Thanks for the reply. It was revolting, and we opened all the doors and windows. The instruction advised small fires at first to season it but didn't mention the fumes. It is a MORSO stove cast iron stove.
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    Log burning stove

    Had our new log burner installed on Friday. Last night we tried it out for the first time. Chopped up some old bits of timber I had lying about the garage and off we went. Shortly after we lit the fire it filled the house with awful fumes. The stove is connected to a brand new flue...