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    Boiler water PH

    Yes lets carry on. Are you saying that my information is incorrect. Why would I want to make up something like that? The boilers are John Brown items, they run on a mixture of gas and fuel oil, they produce 400 tons each of 99 bar steam and are connected together to run A steam turbine generator...
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    Boiler water PH

    [/url] Thanks for the link, so PH neutral is best. I will leave it alone then and check it again in a year or so. 8)
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    Boiler water PH

    Its a super heated steam plant in an oil refinery. puts out 800 tonnes an hour of super heated 99 bar steam to run the refinery. its 130 feet tall :D It runs on demineralised water with an additive to boost the PH to about 9.5/10. The acid certainly dissolved what build up was inside, it...
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    Boiler water PH

    Ive just tested the water in my central heating system for PH and it came back at about 7.5. (Almost Neutral). Im sure i read somewhere that the water should be slightly alkaline (PH 9). I have access to all the appropriate chemicals required to alter boiler water PH, so my question is...
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    Thermostatic radiator valves

    turn the inlet valve down a bit to send more water to the other rads
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    help ive just put a screw through a pipe!!

    Give the outside a good clean with some wet and dry. Get a small brass counter sunk screw and cut the head off leaving about 3mm of the shaft still. The dimple in the pipe will work to your advantage here. insert the brass screw into the hole as tight as possible. Now solder around the head...
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    Gas flow at boiler

    22mm pipework is definately not undersized, my mate runs a swimming pool gas boiler heater from 22mm pipe. it is either blocked (doubtful) or as mentioned you have an issue with the meter. No wonder we have a gas shortage. You are storing it all in your 22mm pipework :D
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    Vaillant VCW Sine 18 T3 Overheating & Tepid Hot Water

    Sounds like a flow issue you have. Either you still have air in the system or maybe the pump is on its last legs. Have you tried increasing the pump speed to see if that helps? Are your radiators also cold or is it only the HW side of things?
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    21 Year old boiler

    My boiler is like owning a vintage car, breaking down all the time and fixing it is all part of the fun. Along with the running costs :)
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    21 Year old boiler

    21 years and still going 8) I thought mine was doing well at 17 years. After spending hours on here, I dont think id change it LOL. The newer ones have far too many electrickery bits in for my liking. PCB's? In a boiler :roll: Whats all that about then? Stick with the old simple jobbie...
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    One boiling hot radiator, the rest suddenly stone cold!

    The rads nearest the boiler only need to be opened half a turn or so, if you open these fully then the water will take the easiest route back to the boiler. Try and pull in the hot rads until the flow diverts to the others. In other words: Try Balancing the system :?:
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    hot rads upstairs, cold down stairs!

    :D Oh dear, you did what I had feared. :roll: Oh well, give the hotwater a really good flush. Turn off the heating to the hot water tank to save gas and run it for several hours to flush it really well. As already mentioned, Glycol (blue) is HIGHLY poisenous even in low doses. However glycol...
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    Descaling a combi boiler

    Forget the off the shelf chemicals, they are all ccrapp. I spent about £80 on all different products and they did nothing. In the end I took the heat exchanger out and took it work where i soaked it in a VERY strong (50%) sulphuric acid for a day. It completely stripped all the scale and now it...
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    hot rads upstairs, cold down stairs!

    The plot thickens, this is why it is important to give as much info as possible regarding your system at the start of the thread. I am now beginning to think you have a sealed CH system ie: no header tank. And you have actually put the fernox into your hot water feed tank :?: I hope I am...
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    Heated Towel Rail

    That infra red one will be very good for the job as you could also check the radiator for cold spots with it. Does the new towel rail get hot??
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    Suddenly cold radiator

    I dont want to state the obvious, but have you tried bleding the rad again?? Try shutting off some of the other rads for an hour and see if you can force more flow through the cold 1.
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    No central heating

    Here Here. Im glad you said that. Along with all the off the shelf chemicals that are supposed to descale boilers. Utter rubbish as they have the acid strength of cola as they are phosphoric acid based :evil:
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    hot rads upstairs, cold down stairs!

    :shock: Sounds to me like it went in the wrong header tank and that you are bathing in Glycol. (anti Freeze) :roll: FFS Dont drink any :!:
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    Dull question: CH cycling or constant?

    The trouble with having TRV;s on every rad is that if all the rooms get up to temp the TRV is set at before the room stat reaches its set point, all the TRV;s will close and the water will not be able to circulate around the system. This will cause the boiler to cut in and out all the time as...
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    noisy pump

    Does tyhe pump click all the time it is running or only initially after it starts up?