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    Old Optima Alarm Panel

    Where can I get hold of a panel front for my Optima Alarm unit? appreciated.
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    Removing Patio door Handles

    Further handle has a black plastic back plate, but the other handle does not.Does the alloy cover pull off the plastic back plate, and pull away from the other handle in a similar way?....The alloy cover is very tight to the backplate......Is there a hidden backplate behind...
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    Removing Patio door Handles

    My pull and slide patio door, handles are loose and I want to remove them...they are GU 966/GU 966, I think.I have removed the grub screws fixing the spindle but that doesn’t help...hope uploaded images are useful.
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    Hearth HE Gas fire

    I want to replace my Valor Visage open fronted gas fire with something more efficient,..although I only use it on cool evenings/days when no need for CH,or when I want to only heat living room instead of whole house.Would expect to run at min.heat output,...I am thinking of glassfronted HE...
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    Valor Visage On/Off Mechanism is the remaining part,the LEFT HAND part of the mechanism.....
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    Valor Visage On/Off Mechanism

    This mechanism sticks when trying to switch off, there is a resistance when I try to move the mechanism,and requires some force to move past this restriction to switch off? I have disconnected the fascia slide mechanism which operates ok, is the remains part,the right hand part of the...
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    Valor visage gas fire ignition delay

    Igniting the gas Fire takes more than 20 seconds to ignite the main burner,when it used to take less than 10 seconds? The igniter is ok, it sparks throughout and the pilot remains on. The two micro switches have been changed, and battery. Why does it take so long to get the fire lit...