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    Window Seal Advice

    Looking for advice on sealing around newly installed windows. I'd like them to be Air-Tight and Sound-Proof as on a main country town road. The gap is quite large, as old Sash Windows with weights have been removed. Pics below... I've been told to avoid Expanding Foam - as it can bow windows...
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    Solid Stone Wall Insulation

    Thanks StephenStephen ! Interesting indeed. If you have a minute... can i ask you roughly how much more was the lime hemp compared to standard plaster?
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    Solid Stone Wall Insulation

    ^woody^ Thanks for the reply! So are you suggesting the fact that i don't have cavity walls... i could proceed as follows: 1) Remove the existing plaster to bring the wall back to the stone work 2) Allow efficient time for the walls to dry out : -/+ 1 week 3) Then use BATTENS to attach the...
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    Solid Stone Wall Insulation

    I am about to start a full refurb on a Solid Stone Wall Town House from around 1850's. Heating, Electrics, Plumbing, Insulation, New Windows, doors etc... the works. All advice read around the web is I need to be careful insulating this type of house. As solid stone walls need to breath. From...
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    Heat Pump Central Heating

    stem - thank you very VERY much for such a detailed review. Outstanding! truly wonderful aid. oilboffin & bernardgreen - read that alright, cheers for reassuring me so. The input really has made my mind up to opt for the Log Burner/ Boiler/ Radiator option for now. Just need to discover what...
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    Ventilation - Solid Walls

    Hello. I renovating a Solid Wall Town House from around 1850's. It has no form ventilation at present. Haven't seen any air-bricks beneath the floorboards either. What form of Ventilation should i install in the rooms? Burrow a hole and apply a grill inside/ outside? Is that the norm? What...
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    Heat Pump Central Heating

    Has anyone running a Heat Pump Central Heating System? I have a solid wall town house that I'm renovating... and i was going down the path of a woodburning stove for my Central Heating... until someone suggested that I'd be a fool not to install a Heat Pump Central Heating System. Reading...
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    Solid Wall Insulation

    Folks. I have an old Town House : -/+ 1850's. Plastered walls. No form of insulation. No ventilation. I'm not sure if the walls are Cementitious or Lime Mortar (need to check). I will need to insulate internally as externally is not an option. Here are my questions: Q1 - DRY-LINING...