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    Hearth regulations for multi fuel stove

    Hi folks, Please could someone help me understand the building regulations when creating a hearth for a multi fuel stove? I have removed the existing fireplace to show the existing stone fireplace (in a victorian town house). There is an existing hearth, which is level with the floor...
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    Fireplace opening for stove
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    Repointing a stone fireplace - What mix is required?

    Hi all, I have opened up my large victorian stone fireplace to install a stove. However, I need to repoint the stonework before the stove is installed and I was hoping someone could tell me what kind of cement mix I should use? I have repointed lots of stone work before, but this will...
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    Atmos boilers any good? Inter or multi?

    Hi all :D Is there anyone out there who has any experience with Atmos gas condensing boilers? Also, what about the Atmos multi (storage combi version)? We are getting ours replaced and the plumber has recommended an Atmos HE32 but I just want to check I'm not being sold a lemon! We...
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    Replaced radiator wont heat and shuts off boiler .....

    Hi all, I have just replaced a radiator which was removed about 2 years ago (don't ask!). They no longer make the same size rad so I replaced with a slightly smaller one and had to move the pipes. I just cut and connected with a couple of compression joints. The system has been bled and...