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    Converting one to two gang, two way light switch

    No, works completely fine on it's own
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    Converting one to two gang, two way light switch

    Thanks for the reply, feared that might be the case after staring at it for a bit this afternoon.
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    Converting one to two gang, two way light switch

    Hi, I have a light in my hallway and a light on landing. Light switches at bottom and top of stairs. The light switch at the bottom is two gang; one switch works an outside light, the other works both the light in hallway and landing. The switch at the top of the stairs is one gang and works...
  4. Upstairs (1)

    Upstairs (1)

  5. Upstairs (2)

    Upstairs (2)

    Blue to L2 Top left red to L2 Yellow to Common Bottom left red to L1 Top right red to L1
  6. Downstairs (2)

    Downstairs (2)

  7. downstairs (1)

    downstairs (1)

  8. Light switches

    Light switches

    Attempting to add an extra gang
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    Fixing to hollow door

    thanks - from googling I'd read conflicting reports so your replies are very reassuring. Cheers
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    Fixing to hollow door

    I was hoping someone may be able to help - what's the best way to fix a towel/dressing gown hook to a (bathroom) hollow door? Do I need a special type of rawl plug or is it a bad idea altogether? thanks
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    Bristan Shower Mixer - Stiff Diverter

    Hi, I have a Bristan Shower Mixer and the Diverter has been very stiff. I believe my mixer is the one below (or at least very similar): Any idea how I could go about fixing...
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    Hot water goes cold

    thanks Dan, will give that a try.
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    Hot water goes cold

    1) Boiler make / model (gas or oil) Glow worm 30ci (gas) 2) What is / is not happening. Hot water is inconsistent. Heating works fine but when hot water taps are switched on, sometimes only cold comes through, other times it goes hot for a short while before going cold, and sometimes it...