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    timber framed and clad 1st floor extension ?

    thanks all, was put in touch with a local builder yesterday, he's been out today to take a look and advised me to go for a vaulted roof as planning would almost certainly not allow what I'd proposed. thanks again
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    timber framed and clad 1st floor extension ?

    went in to planning today for some advice... the advice I got was... "look on our website, all the information and forms are on there" great help, didn't even tell me the website address :(
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    timber framed and clad 1st floor extension ?

    hi all... we have a freestanding garage constructed of double skinned blockwork with 100mm cavity and 50mm insulation and a flat roof. on top of this we would like to build a pitched roof extension, rising front to back, with a 4m fall from 2.5m to 0m one side and 2m fall of 2.5m to 2m (see...
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    rebuilding a garage ?

    hi all... before I go to planning office thought I would get some feedback, if you don't mind... we have a run down, single skin, garage at the bottom of our garden (4m x 5m) that opens out onto a lane with 1 side built up off an 450mm thick stone boundary wall. the garage has been there 30+...
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    flat roof advice needed...

    finally decided on GRP, but used 25mm WBP ply instead of OSB the 1st coat went on last night and, as it rained overnight, seems to be water tight. we're putting a non slip top coat on, using granulated slate mixed in, but can't find any info on what ratio to use or kg/m2 ? the roof is 21...
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    flat roof advice needed...

    that's sort of what I intend to do Algas, except I'm putting decking over the top of the asphalt roof leaving a 50mm air gap.
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    flat roof advice needed...

    was thinking more of a solid surface, that can be used in all weather or that dries relatively quickly. it's the actual roof structure I need help with rather than the finished surface. what would be the simplest/cheapest solution for constructing and sealing the roof (timber or concrete or...
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    flat roof advice needed...

    I'm currently building a blockwork garage, the roof of which will be level with the rear garden. plan is to use the roof of the garage as an extension to the garden so the kids have more room. question is what options are there for covering the roof that'll take constant use without leaking ...
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    velux flashing kit for keylite roof window ?

    hi all... just bought a keylite roof window, 55 x 98, and wondered if a velux (or other make) flashing kit would fit ? the keylite 90mm tile kit is around £65, tiles are Redland Regent, which is more than I paid for the window :? Keylite kit is model DTRF02 if you know cheaper than £65...
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    where to get radiator brackets or wall fixing kit ?

    have just got some really cheap Acova radiators from a salvager but they didn't come with brackets or the fitting kit. they're the 4 column (1200x600) type that B&Q sell. does anyone know where I might get them ? have looked at the Acova UK site but they don't list them thanks for any help