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    Replacing manual Velux blind with electric (solar) one

    Hi, Did you ever go ahead with this change? Looking for some "real world" reviews on the Velux Solar blinds. We have a double height ceiling where I need to install a blackout blind. It is a Velux window, but not an Integra window, meaning that Velux only suggest a manual or Solar blind...
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    Troubleshooting electrics on a borehole pump

    Thanks, everyone, for your replies - been very helpful. Could actually have been both - when extracting the old pump I found the remains of a rat skeleton at the intake for the pump (will teach me to make sure the well hole is covered in future!). Am assuming a bone has been sucked into the...
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    Troubleshooting electrics on a borehole pump

    Hi Lectrician, Thanks for responding. Images as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. The thermal trip switch is to the left of the main switch in the first picture. The red switch does light up when power is going through. Thanks!
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    Troubleshooting electrics on a borehole pump

    Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong board - found a similar thread in here so that I would start here!! So, I have a borehole pump that is causing me problems. Forgive me if I use the wrong terms, I am kind of learning as I go along, but hoping to get some contrustive advice. I have a...
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    Solid Fuel AGA to heat water?

    Thanks all, for your replies. Have decided to leave the boiler out when I rebuild - one less thing to worry about! I have another question, which I hope you guys may have an opinion on. The stove I have is a solid fuel but was converted to oil, wishing to convert back - it is a deluxe...
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    Solid Fuel AGA to heat water?

    Hello, I recently acquired an old solid fuel aga which has a 135 gallon boiler in it. As this is currently dismantled and I will be rebuilding it shortly, I am trying decide whether to put the boiler in, or leave it out. I am hoping that I can get some qualified views on this. Any search...
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    AGA 4 (four) oven solid fuel with domestic hot water?

    Hello, We are looking to acquire a second hand Solid Fueld 4 (four) oven AGA that also provides domestic hot water (DHW). Note, we are not interested in a Rayburn, it is the original AGA models. First question - does anyone know whether this particular combination is possible? It seems...
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    Weird BT Line

    Hi Vin, I have had similar problems (download speed not matching line speed) and have found several utilities that have really helped. First suggestion is to go to Enter the phone number for your broadband line then the username as shown from your router page...
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    Insulation for an open pitched ceiling

    Hello, The main room of our house is an old barn that was converted about 15 years ago and the heat loss is horrendous! It is an open ceiling with exposed rafters and joists at approximately 2m intervals along the room. There is approximately 100mm depth from existing plasterboard ceiling to...