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    Wood burning stove

    Sorry to awake such an old post. But could you attach back the picture? Regards
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    Hard water question

    Hello folks I have just finished my bathroom and all the plumbing. My bathroom shower screen its no longer Cristal clear but patched mat white. I have spent lots of money on chrome plumbing that now are dotted white scaled. Now I want to instal some filters. But by researching online they...
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    UPVC Quadrant end caps exist?

    LOL! :D I got the 5M 19mm Quadrant trim that I'm going to use on edges my new whirpool bath with clear. But in the corner to join the "2" D ends other then cutting them at 45 angle is there an ready made option? something L shaped that will plug in in both direction :idea: ...
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    UPVC Quadrant end caps exist?

    Thanks alarm. I should have specified better I meant for this type of quadrant Regards
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    UPVC Quadrant end caps exist?

    Hi every one! Do someone know if a Quadrant end caps exist? I tried to search it but no result. I was looking for end round edge and an internal corner one.
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    Sealing a bath with a trim already installed that has failed

    I'm about to do the same in my new bathroom so I'm sharing what I have been reading. Lots of tilers (by reading here and there) suggest to forget any kind bath sealer and buy instead a upvc quadrant 19mm and silicone both edge with clear silicone with the bath full of water and window open...
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    Streaming from PC to TV

    If you on budget buy a dreambox dm500 for 30 40 quids and stream using videolan... Or popcorn hour as suggest before or if like satellite too get azbox elite that is popcorn hour plus satellite.. check it out... when you upgrate tv you can get true 1080p out of it.... there are many other...
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    Where did the RAI tv channels go?

    Why don't you get TVsat reicever? then you don't have to worry about it... I got my self many dreambox and AZBOX HD... Azbox has the best picture of all of them but the software it's a bit buggy... but it's a great media player... I don't touch tecnomate at all!!! By that way Rai works...
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    Makita BMR 100 Radio

    Battery contacts clean? how did it happen? fallen off? if you good with solder iron try to replace all the capacitors by the battery board. (all assuming that your battery it is good.
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    Check this out... :wink: I wold suggest you at least 60cm but if you don't mind 80cm use that as it would be easyer to find a signal if you are not experienced sat installar
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    Aligning dish for Astra

    Are you trying to aligned a dish that was previous on astra? When you say astra you mean astra 1 19.2 east or 28 east (sky UK)?? Anyway I'll give a little tip on this. go to dishpointer here put your postcode and your satellite that you wish to tune in and you...
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    Ikea mirror 120mm x 100mm in a plaster boarded wall.

    Hi! please I need a bit of advice to fix a mirror into a plasterboard wall and tile grout +trim around the area. As tile adhesive for the tiles I will be using Mapei Keraquick with Latexplus S2 For behind the mirror should I PVA to seal the plasterboard paper? or should I paint it with...
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    Double basin with 2 taps

    No it will be hidden inside the drawer so it can be any colour. :)
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    Double basin with 2 taps

    I have not yet bought the mixer taps. The reason is that the ikea basin bought it not as deep as we used to. So I have to install it first to have a clear picture of what hight the taps need to be. To low tap and will be unconfortable to high and it will spash water all over. :-) But I...
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    Double basin with 2 taps

    @ Charnwood I was looking for something like that but I could not find it... But I thought to use this Remove the nuts and olive and connect 3...
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    Mapei Keraflex on wall tiles.

    Hello people. I'm ready to tile up my new bathroom walls. I going to use some wall ceramic tiles 25cm x 40cm (quite thin and light too) I got 3 begs of Mapei Keraflex left and don't know what to do with it (wrong purchase and too late to return) . Can use it to tile up my walls away...
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    Double basin with 2 taps

    Not a big fun of push-fit as it would seat under the basin and there will be a moving drawer which knowing my MRS she will overfill it and... you know !!! I was thinking of something like this: Where and what is called that 3 way valve...
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    Double basin with 2 taps

    Hi! can you please suggest me a Y or T to split a single 1/2 (standard tap size) into 2 ? I need it to connect it into my new double basin with 2 mixer taps L/R and so I would need to connect to a single wall H+C. So far I only managed to find a plastic washing machine Y junction. I'm not too...
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    Hotpoint wd420 Dryer stopped working

    Sorry i'm late on this reply but should help somebody else next time. There is a tinny red button on the thermostat that once it's trips it need to be pushed back with a paper clip. Locate it and gently push back in and dryer works as normal ( have found it by complementary taking it apart in an...