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    Imitation parquet flooring

    Hi I am moving into my parents 1950’s bungalow which my dad built in 1953. Thoroughout the bungalow they have what appears to be parquet flooring that looks like varnished chipboard. I did not think chipboard was around in the 50’s, but it is not solid wood. Mum had a flood a few years ago and...
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    Have builders quotes - thoughts please

    Build started 2 weeks ago. 10 m3 of concrete poured today..... All going well so far !
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    Replace roof 3 bed semi bungalow

    Any thoughts on this quote I have had... It is a fairly large 3 bed semi 1950's bungalow, with a concrete tiled roof. Work Remove all roof tiles ridges and tile batten back to roof rafters Install waterproof breathable membrane to roof Install 25/38 treated tile battens Relay all...
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    Yorkstone for kitchen floor

    I am looking at using Yorkstone for our kitchen extension. The stone will be 30mm thick slabs diamond sawn to exact thickness with square sides. In the pictures I have seen, it appears the slabs are laid with almost no gaps. Is this normal when Yorkstone is laid indoors? Also, what would...
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    Have builders quotes - thoughts please

    I have decided to go with one of the mid quotes at £31k My next door neighbour is a builder who I have know for 20 years, and I wanted him to do it, but he is booked up for next 8 months. When I told him who I was going to use, he laughed, and said he knew him well, and if he ever wanted...
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    Have builders quotes - thoughts please

    Thanks Guys...
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    Have builders quotes - thoughts please

    I have quotes for a single storey 5m x 5m extension with a pitched roof and vaulted ceiling. There is a cantilever corner requiring some steel work, and quite a bit of glass (bi folds, windows, glazed apex). The quotes do not include any of the glazing which will be done by a separate company...
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    Buildinga single skin garage

    Thanks... I can do everything myself, other than the actual brick/block laying. I was going to use a raft for ease, but will take advice. Will have the use of a mini digger, but not sure can use it to dig the foundations alongside the two fences, as they will need to be about 12'' from...
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    Buildinga single skin garage

    Hi I am looking at building a single skin garage at the bottom of garden, and was thinking of doing front and one side (which can be seen from our property) in brick, and the other two sides which back onto neighbours in 140mm wide blocks. Should I get the outside of the blocks...
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    Does this quote seem rediculous or is it me???

    As usual some amusing and useful replies... I hasten to add, if I do 'lose' the roofing sheets under the block and beam floor of the extension, I will not put up a sign saying 'asbestos buried here' I like the link to the Company who removes asbestos at a huge fee, saying it is not...
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    What options? Burried Drains

    Using black waste pipes for any pipes that will remain on show would remove the visual impact (in my opinion)
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    Does this quote seem rediculous or is it me???

    Just looking for a sanity check..... We are having an extension built and need to remove the pre fab garage which has been built on paving slabs, and the concrete slab behind (in picture). We have a quote for taking down the garage, removing the paving slabs (laid on earth) and digging up...
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    1950's bungalow original fireplace and floorboards

    Hi We are moving in to a 1950's bungalow with an original tiled fireplace, hearth, and mantle (not Victorian type but the sort most people would smash out and remove!) The room also has floorboards. Would anyone be able to tell me if it is likely the floorboard run under the hearth, or...
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    Can I run Cat5 cable in guttering?

    Sorry, probably not clear. The cameras will be wall mounted and the cable from each cam will enter the loft void. However as we have two rooms in the roof, we do not have access to the entire loft and part of the run has to be external along the sofit (or in the gutter) to get from the front...
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    Can I run Cat5 cable in guttering?

    I an having CCTV installed, but I am running the cables myself to save on costs. I have external grade black solid copper core cable and want to know if I could run the cable around the house in the guttering. Obviously at times when it is raining the cable will be under water, but there...
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    Only when the wife is up there.....
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    Advice on where to buy Kitchen units

    We are having a 5m x 5m extension which will be fitted out as a kitchen diner. The builder is quoting to leave the extension plastered and tiled, but without Kitchen fitted. He has suggested Howdens as he can get a discount for us, although he will not be fitting the kitchen out (this will be...