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    Fit a second set after the first then double the flow rate you had to start after which you can divide by four in order to calculate the flow loss you had before you fitted the first set that gave you the two meter piece of string loss you had in the first place.
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    Combi boiler flue linking to gas fire flue

    No, never and not at all.
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    How much should a 3 port valve turn?

    WD40 the instant fix. :roll:
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    Trianco TRO 15/19

    I would guess a fuel pump issue either pump has failed or fuel supply prob. the continual cyciling would proberbly have caused the transformer to fail.
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    Can I heat up a can of baked beans using natural gas hob?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Tell me you will first open the can using a safe and recognized method.
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    Galvanised Tanks - Leave In Situ, Or Remove?

    Angle grinder in a loft... are you mad :o
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    Keston C25 - Issues

    Get the ignition electrode replaced on next visit...Insist on it.
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    old open flue

    Has no one tested or set up this "old boiler" before. I suggest there must already be a suitable test point, seek and ye shall find.
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    Brand new towel radiator leaking.....

    The local scrap yard is the only home for that i'm afraid.
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    Have a look at the Chartwell valves by "MHS" come in both standard and trv type.
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    New panic over global warming

    Oh to be a cockroach