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    Festool Domino mystery part

    Thanks for that info. Using it to do a quick Google search reveals it's the BS-KV D15 drilling template. An additional £85 piece of kit that the seller has bought, even more reason to place that bid :giggle: Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Tony.
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    Festool Domino mystery part

    Hi all, I've just seen a second hand Festool DF500 (domino) advertised on a popular auction site, and I'm tempted to put in a bid for it, but one of the photos shows a part that's unfamiliar to me. I've attached a screen grab of it. Anyone know what the part is? I've messaged the seller but...
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    Replace 2-way light switches with timer switches

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace 2 2-way light switches (one in our hall and the other on the landing) with timer switches, so that they turn off automatically after a set period of time if they aren't manually switched off. I've seen the Elkay range of touch timers (links below) but I'm...
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    Ideas wanted to deal with fence beside neighbour's patio

    Thanks for your suggestions guys. I thought concrete gravel boards would be the way to go, and whilst planning that I hit upon a slightly different idea. I'm now going to install the posts and then between them I'll try using 600mm x 600mm paving slabs installed on their edge into a trench...
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    Ideas wanted to deal with fence beside neighbour's patio

    Hi all, I'm looking for ideas and suggestions how to erect a new fence beside our neighbours patio. There was an old panel fence but it's gradually fallen apart over the years and one of the posts which was beside the patio (roughly where the camera is in the first photo below) rotted at...
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    Looking back from the opposite direction you can clearly see how some of the blocks are leaning and the slabs are loose
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    Patio 2

    Closeup showing how the blockwork of the neighbour's patio is leaning
  8. Patio1


    You can see that the blockwork of the neighbour's patio is leaning, and some of the slabs are loose and overhanging the boundary
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    How to erect fence beside neighbour's patio
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    Hardwood decking sub frame design

    I think the idea behind using the concrete support posts is very sound, but as you say levelling everything up might prove difficult. Have you seen these Postsaver sleeves: They slip over timber posts and you use a blow torch to shrink...
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    Garden Dilema

    I had a similar problem I few years ago with our lawn. It was also poorly drained due to our heavy clay soil, so when the ground was wet the dog's pee would just sit there and start to stink. I dug down about 12 inches, laid down a 6-7 inch layer of large chippings, then a tough landscaping...
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    Baxi 130HE banging when igniting

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. To be honest I don't know what parts have been changed. The engineer doesn't leave us any paperwork and since I'm at work it's my elderly father that deals with the visits. I only know the last visit involved him replacing a circuit board because my father saw...
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    Baxi 130HE banging when igniting

    Hi, We're having a problem with our Baxi 130HE combi boiler. When igniting it makes one hell of a loud bang which in the confines of our driveway sounds like a firework going off. It does ignite however and once lit it works fine, that is until the next time we need hot water, when it might...
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    Cuprinol Ducksback suitable for T&G garden workshop?

    Thanks for the replies, advice and links guys, really useful. :) I think I'll try the English Oak coloured Wickes High Performance Preserver: It's probably not as dark as I'd planned, but with repeated coats...
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    Cuprinol Ducksback suitable for T&G garden workshop?

    Hi, I've nearly finished building a new workshop in the garden, clad with tongue and grooved boards, and the last job is to give it a couple of coats of preservative before the Winter. I've read elsewhere that Cuprinol Ducksback is a good preservative to use, but on the cans it makes a point...
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    Is this some kind of armoured cable?

    Hi all, A friend of mine is intending to replace some electrics in his garage but when he looked at the cable which comes up to the old fusebox it appears to be some sort of armoured cable. I took 3 photos of a short section of it and I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on what it is...
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    Worth using a water repellent when repointing?

    Hi everyone, We're planning to get our house repointed this year and as a result we've got some quotes in. One of the quotes includes an item 'applying Siloxane water repellent'. This was included purely as a result of a passing comment I made when he visited to measure up that I had in...
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    What is best adhesive for bonding concrete

    Hi, I was wondering what is considered the best adhesive for bonding concrete to concrete? We have precast concrete decorative panels inset into the brickwork either side of our front door and the corner of one of these panels has broken off. I could use a small amount of mortar to fix...
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    Replacing lintel above garage door

    Thanks for your replies guys. That's something I'd not considered Woody, reinstating in timber faced off with plastic. That way I won't have to employ the skills of a bricky :) That's what I was afraid of Jockscott. Thanks again to both of you, Tony.
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    Replacing lintel above garage door

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice if anyone has any to offer :) The project this Summer (assuming we get one of course!) is to reroof our garage, but whilst inspecting it I noticed some of the bricks above the door lintel (which is wooden) had dropped. I removed a wooden plank that...