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    Brown Engineering Bricks

    Anyone recommend were I could get some brown engineering bricks from?
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    Wall Cost

    I'm wanting a garden wall built with approx 3400 bricks , pillars and footings dug, about 20m long, what sort of price would it cost for just labour ?
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    Integrated Garage Insulation

    Ok thanks for that, is this because the 200mm rockwool is not enough? I'll take a look at pricing for 30mm celotex.
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    Integrated Garage Insulation

    Also do I need a vapour barrier on the cold side or not? Building control never mentioned it?
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    Cavity Insulation After Building Work

    Had some building work done, and after installing various lintels, I was greeted by a downfall of polystyrene beads that had been used for insulation at some point, lost quite a bit from the side and rear of house. Question being, how can I replace this? Do I need to get more polystyrene...
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    Integrated Garage Insulation

    Would that not make things extremely expensive, plus I'd need another layer of boards on top of them.
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    Integrated Garage Insulation

    Also do I need a vapour barrier for the floor joists above garage, nothing has been mentioned from building control regarding this though.
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    Integrated Garage Insulation

    I have 200mm knauff rockwool insulation between my joists in the garage with bedrooms above, its not plasterboarded yet, would you think thats sufficient as its all I can fit in the joists or would you recommend adding further celotex then plasterboard it or am I wasting time/money? I also...
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    Entrance Mat Polyfloor Karndean Flooring

    Hopefully the thinner ribbed stuff is still ok for cleaning shoes ok, I know the coir is really good. Thanks for the advice Dave.
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    Entrance Mat Polyfloor Karndean Flooring

    I need an entrance mat for my polyfloor/karndean style flooring its around 4/5mm thick. The mat will cover the first 1m of the entrance, would I be better off with the coir style matting or ribbed style? I knowm if I fit coir I will need to recess as its pretty thick, but the ribbed would not...
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    Oak Veneered Doors Treating

    I have purchased some oak veneer doors from B&Q and would like to know the best product to finish them with.. I've had a quick look on the new and osmo polyx looks to be popular.. Also would a matt or satin finish look better? Thanks
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    Garage Insulation Joist/Netting

    I have an integral double garage and require the roof space of the garage insulating, above this is the bedrooms, the joists are 8"x6" timber.. Would it be ok to put standard 200mm rockwool type insulation inbetween these held up using this netting...
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    Distribution Board additional MCB or RCBO

    Hello Adam thats an example picture and I have the same board but with free ways available. I wanted to add either x1 unprotected MCB or RCBO. So a suitable MCB/RCBO would need to be fitted although unprotected. Could a jumper be used, or am I missing something easier than modifying the...
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    Distribution Board additional MCB or RCBO

    I've added the below photo of a wylex consumer unit. How would the configuration be changed to add either an unprotected MCB or an RCBO. Is it a case of modifying the busbar or adding a separate feed wire for the standalone mcb/rcbo.
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    Garage Wiring Conduit

    I need my garage wiring and know theres a few options, but I'm unsure which is the best way to go about it. The garage has a consumer unit with 40A RCD and 32amp and 6amp MCB's. Do I Clip the 2.5mm direct to wall without no additional protection? Run 20mm Conduit around the garage...
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    Garage Wiring

    Ban all sheds, thanks loads what a superstar....your a DIYNOT legend and uber helpful...again a big thank you for being so special !!!
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    Garage Wiring

    Ban all Sheds, your like a forum Troll, why not **** off and post something useful , sad sad man... PS IF I carry out any work, building control will test, assess and sign off..
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    Garage Wiring

    Hello Prentice The house and garage are all a bare shell more or less so everything is easy to access and run cable. Whats the other option you mention, could I run a tail from the meter to a small 2 way consumer unit dedicated for the garage, but locate it next to the existing house...