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    Mezzanine/Floating Floor Bed

    Hello all, Hoping to get some advice please. My daughter will be moving into a bedroom to the rear of the property. The room is quite narrow and not exactly long. So putting a single bed/high sleeper along the length of the room is going to take up way too much space. So we’re thinking of...
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    Laminate flooring/Concrete floor

    Thanks, really appreciate it. I will look into foam options. One further question - Do I have to tape the joints on the underlay - If so, which tape would you recommend please?
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    Laminate flooring/Concrete floor

    Hello all, Just wondering if I could get some advice please. I am planning on laying laminate flooring on a concrete floor. The current floor doesn't seem too bad as far as moisture is concerned. However, as a precaution, I would like to go with some form of underlay with a moisture barrier and...
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    Damp walls

    Hello all, Desperately in need of some advice please (would also put my mind at ease too). Currently in the process of re-plastering my front room and after removing all of the old plaster, unfortunately we have found a few areas of damp. One is on the chimney face (which we may remove) and...
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    Jackoboard reviews?

    Hello all, just wondering if anyone has used Jackoboard as a tile backer? If yes, how did you get on? Any hints/tips? I plan to use it on a primed brick wall. Will be applied with the appropiate adhesive and after the bond has set, mechanically fix with suitable screws and washers. The tiles...
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    Painting new plaster

    Oh, this thread has, errm.... developed! Just to add some further background, after having conversations with local diy'ers (but not professionals), I was swaying more towards using using a diluted white emulsion for various reasons - 1) A initial coat of white paint would clearly show any...
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    Painting new plaster

    Hi there, Thanks very much for the informative link. So a non-vinyl contract emulsion is what I will go for to begin with. Any brands in particular that stand out better than others?
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    Painting new plaster

    Hello all, I have been doing a little research and just wanted some reassurance from experts/professionals. The new plaster that will need painting is in the living room, kitchen and bathroom ceiling. I have been advised and read that contract matt emulsion is best and to dilute with water at...
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    Tiling Dilemma

    Hello all, I seem to be in a dilemma with the tiler and tiling my bathroom. First of all, things to bear in mind are that the walls are slightly damp and I have gone for porcelain tiles. The walls have been treated with a damp proof course but I have been advised any previous damp may remain...
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    Kitchen Units/Bathroom Suite - Plasterboard

    Hi all, I am planning on doing some work in the kitchen/bathroom and it’s possible that there are some slight damp issues. I plan on getting the issue treated and then either plaster straight onto the wall or use plaster or MR boards/batons. If I go down the board route, I want to ensure I...