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    Chimney breast

    Can someone tell me how far up the chimney breast you can remove without it being an issue to my neighbours chimney. My chimney breast have been removed and I’ve now completed a flat roof in the loft area. The thing is I can’t get a seal around the chimney and I need to remove more of it...
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    12v down lights and loft insulation

    I've noticed those products and I'm sure there be fine. However as I'm putting in a number of lights I've up some some plasterboard boxes (a lot cheaper). I'm also using MR16 (fire rated) 12v lights, wouldn't touch the mains ones myself.
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    12v down lights and loft insulation

    Hi, Thanks for the reply,most helpful. I've now noticed that screw fix sell a fire rated guard 220 x 220 x 140mm which would work, might be a bit expensive but a thought. Cheers
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    12v down lights and loft insulation

    Hi, I’m in the process of doing a loft conversion with a roofer. I want to install a number of down lights. Does any one know how insulation you should cut out for the down lighters, they all going to be MR16 fire rates ones. The thing is the electrician on the jop want to leave 300mm x...