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    Combi boiler - adding new bigger rads and pressure?

    Just a quick question please because I think I've read this somewhere but can't find it again. With a combi boiler system, If swapping 3 single radiators to 3 double (effectively increasing the system capacity by 3 radiators worth) will the pressure vessel need repressurising? Boiler has quite...
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    Shower door roller replacement.

    I use these people if you get no luck with the above. I had no manufacturer to go on either, went my measurements and matching the ones that looked right.
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    Getting air circulating. Specifically quiet inline fans.

    Hi all Need a bit of advice regarding ventilating our basement/garden level flat, typical Glasgow sandstone solid walls. The plan is to insulate the bedroom and improve ventilation. There is currently a vent through the front (lounge) wall and a vent in the party wall of the bedroom...
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    Internally Insulating an External Wall

    Just a thought, if you use insulated plasterboard on top of your insulation you get the extra insulation benefit and gain yourself a few more critical mm of distance before the membrane is punctured.
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    Internally Insulating an External Wall

    Hi sutty I'm interested to see what you do in the end with this as we're considering doing the same in our bedroom. We're in a basement (garden level really, it's not really underground) tenement in Glasgow with thick solid sandstone walls. We've got slight mould problems which we've put...
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    Filling screw holes in concrete floor

    Just signed up as I've bought my first flat which was supposed to be totally ready to live in needing no work.... 3 weeks later and the central heating system has been replaced and I have a concrete floor with quite a few holes left in it where the plywood floor was fixed down. The screws...
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    How do I fix this hole?!

    I have no useful advice apart from I am going through exactly the same thing (hence having just signed up here!) I've just bought a flat and now my entire floor has been lifted and the central heating pipework replaced due to leaks and a bodged system. Good luck getting yours sorted! :?