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    How Many Lights

    I want to put some downlights in a shower room and I'm not sure how many I need the room is 1.8m x 1.4m. Can you gat main powered downlights to go above the shower.
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    Bathroom Mains Downlights

    Does anyone know where I can get some mains downlights for zone 1 in a bathroom?
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    Shower Waste Help

    will I still need to raise the pipe best I can as it will be run along the floor. thanks for the advise I welcome it
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    Shower Waste Help

    A maximum if 1.4m but most likely about 1m. How high would i need to place the waste pipe to get drainage?
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    Shower Waste Help

    Hi All, I am due to refit our bathroom out and the wife wants to take the bath out and place a quadrant shower enclosure instead but the best place to fit it is on two internal walls and my joist will NOT run inline with the waste pipe would I have enough height for drainage if I use a riser...
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    Bedroom Carcasses

    Can anyone advise where I can buy bedroom carcasses and units. Thanks
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    Self Levelling Compound

    Hi All, I have a concrete floor that need levelling before tiling. I need to level the floor in two halfs as we have appliances that cant be removed or stored else where. Q. Can I battern off part of the floor use a self levelling compund let it go off then move the appliances and level...
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    Tile Cutter

    I am not a tiler and have used a cheap electric tile cutter before. I am looking at these two tile cutters foor when I tile my kitchen floor next week. or...
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    Wall Tiling Kitchen

    We are having a new kitchen fitted I am going to tile he walls between the worktops and the cupboards. The walls are not brilliant but not bad, we are thinking of tiling above the cupboards to the ceiling has anyone done this does it look ok to look bad we are also going to put coving up to...
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    Bamboo hardwood floor

    We are thinking of having a natural bamboo hardwood floor, anyone fitted one? and do you think the colour would look ok with an medium oak coloured kitchen? I have read about putting a plywood floor first is this essential does the floor need a membrane down first to do this or can I put the...
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    Trimming Internal doors

    I have trimmed and hung internal doors before, but I struggle to trim the doors by myself. Whats the best way to trim the doors when you don't have any help to hold the doors i.e keeping the door still. I have seen a blackanddecker workbench that has two height settings. Any suggestions...
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    DIY training Centres

    I understand what your saying its me not making myself clear. I am looking for short courses like into: plumbing, change valves/Rads/basic pipe bending electrics, changing plugs, snagging, lighting, Brick Work, Wood work probably more like short courses Ok DIY not the...
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    DIY training Centres

    I am not asking for a city & guild in DIY I am not that silly my post is asking training centres in the midlands that allow you train/learn towards a trade a skill for people who enjoy DIY
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    DIY training Centres

    Hi can anyone point to towards training centres in the midlands for learning trades for people who enjoy DIY, I would also like to possibly attend courses where City and Guilds can be acheived at weekends
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    Cant find builders these days

    In Stafford, our neighbour had there's removed and have not re-installed another loo, we have an upstairs bathroom, and the builders we have had round so far have not mentioned this.
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    Plastering Experience Wanted

    I am able to get a nice smooth finish on a two coat skim application, on small area's, but I am willing to take any guidance from a Pro that is willing to want to take on a newbie, even if its just as labourer to start off then move on to flatening out and spreading later on.
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    Plastering Experience Wanted

    I would be willing to work for free in exchange for experience, I am currently decorating my house, I have re-plastered my lounge but I was slow. I need to buildup speed and my mixes need to be more consistent. I would love to take each room in my house back to brick and boardout and skim...
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    Cant find builders these days

    Hi All, We are in Staffordshire and we cant find a builder to do some work for us, we have had about 6 builders in and they are either getting the quotes wrong or just not getting back to us. We want to remove a downstairs toilet to give a small dinning area, the problem is we don't know...
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    Skirting Fixings

    Hi All, I have just removed old skirting board, I am fitting new chamfered skirting the two internal walls are cinder block and the other two are brick. When I removed the old skirting the timber plugs came out, shall I replace the timber plugs or would you fix the skirting using screws...
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    Plastering Experience Wanted

    Hi, I did a 5 day intensive plastering course awhile back, I am after any will plasterers that would willing to show me the ropes and help me gain some more experience, I am willing to labour to start off and help where I can. I work full time but can work most weekend and every other fri...