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    Who can issue a Periodic Inspection Report

    hi, What qualifications are needed in order to issue a Periodic Inspection Report. Im currently 17th edition and will go for my 2391 very soon. Is it possible to issue a PIR after 2391 or will I have to register with Niceic or napit?
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    Max Length of tails

    yea sorry thats what i meant.
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    Max Length of tails

    hi. i was just wondering whats the maximum length of tails you can have from the cut out to the cu? and does anyone know the reg number from the 17th? i have heard its 1.5 max? Thanks
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    Neutral Tail Burning

    hi, I went to see a job in which the henley block gets very hot. The neutral tails get very hot and have been burning. the tails from the cu and the meter are both burnt in the henley block. the live tails are fine. the installation has got the old consumer unit. what do you think could be...
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    Who can give an EIC?

    hi. i have just completed my 2330 Level 3. can i give out an EIC after rewiring a house or do i need the 2391 qualification. Thanks