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    Aluminium End Caps For Worktops - BULK

    Hi, I am a retailer of worktops and accessories. I am not a fitter. I am looking for a rate for my aluminium end caps and joint strips for my stock to sell online. I agree the mitre is better, but those can't can't or won't buy the end caps and joints from me.
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    Aluminium End Caps For Worktops - BULK

    Maybe if you can email me so we are not displaying what I pay it may suit better - thanks for replying. [email protected]
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    Aluminium End Caps For Worktops - BULK

    Does anyone know where I can 'bulk buy' aluminium end caps and joint strips for stock for my sales please? I'm paying far to much at the moment as I can see what others are charging. Thanks in advance.
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    Starting off in carpentry and joinery

    Surely you need experience before you can be self employed? You need to get yourself on a firm for at least 8 years and do varied jobs before you can be self employed.
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    Twitter for work.

    Twitter is only any use really, if you have followers. So if your followers where potential customers and you had no work for Friday, you could Tweet you are offering a discounted rate or available. Having "follow us" on your website does make you look more real and adds weight to your online...
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    I am so glad we have air-con here in the showroom!

    I am so glad we have air-con here in the showroom!
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    Kitchen worktop

    It should have been inspected and looked over before fitting.
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    Cutting curved and straight kitchen plinth board

    Does the top (right under the units) need to be that perfect, as they are back under the units and never seen. You very often see a gap in-between the top and the unit...
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    Oak worktop

    Worth checking out if the underside is oiled to 'balance' it out as far as moisture being drawn in. We do not sell solid wood, but I am sure my fitters have said you have to oil both sides...
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    Kitchen question

    Just another comment, Keep away from the mitre joint with a sink if near the corner. Also, some manufacturers offer a metal drip type tray for the sink based units, encase there is a leak - the tray stops the carcass being spoiled.
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    Have our worktops been fitted wrong?

    If the units are not square, then making the worktops perfect 90 would have an impact? I think they could have chosen a better section to do that mitre out of though - no forethought there. The blocked effect can show the mitre but a better selection of section they used would have been more...
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    Connecting worktops with vertical 90 degree joint

    Make sure you fix it to the floor well too - Maybe a pin/dowel in to the floor if you can as a knock on the base of the panel may endure movement and stress.
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    Advice for fixing damaged kitchen worktop surface

    Just make sure you remove all the wire wool shards, as they can get trapped and go rusty!
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    Stains on new oak veneer kitchen cbinets

    Hi, I would advise that you do 'something' so you are not accused of causing a bigger issue. You would not want to be accused of 'leaving it, causing it to be worse'. Contact the supplier and ask them to give you advise or a resolve. Do contact them ASAP, and in a recorded way - Email would...
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    Simply Kitchens

    I have a company that sells online. We have to work hard to keep our perfect reputation. We have to make sure EVERY customer is happy as they have a right to leave a bad review. We have a perfect reputation with over 10 years service being online and 20 as a high street showroom. To check...
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    Fantastic work, I've been supplying weekly kitchens to DIY'ers all over the UK for over a decade and I ge sent pictures from happy customers. Yours looks like a professional install for sure, well done for doing a Selffit with style.
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    Kitchen total replacement UPDATE 7/4/12

    Well done indeed, looking brilliant. I've been selling kitchens for over a decade and I know you can Selffit a kitchen, it's just determination... Well done indeed, and brilliant use of the form to show your pictures.