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    Setting out floor tiles to follow base units

    Sorry, I should have explained it better, I plan to have about 1/2 tile showing from the plinth, but wonder if there are any tips to ensure the there isn't more tile showing at one end of the room than the other, ie so the grout line is pararell to the base units
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    Setting out floor tiles to follow base units

    Hi, What is the best way of setting out floor tiles to follow the line base units will be in the kitchen. Kitchen is currently empty having done all the prep of replacing floorboards etc. I want the grout line to follow a 4m wall run of base units rather than follow the walls (which...
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    Underfloor heating and Tiling suspended timber floor advice

    I am renovating my kitchen myself and so I don't mind things that are difficult to change being over-engineered a little but there is so much conflicting advice out there I am hoping for some good advice from you guys! The floor is suspended timber floor, joists seem to be about 450cm apart...
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    Re-plastering: Board or Traditional Wet - Which is best?

    Hi, I've trawled the forums for info on this and most seem quite old, so need some advice on current thinking. I am refitting our kitchen (1960s Red brick house with cavity walls insulated, wooden suspended floors) and most of the plaster is loose or will fall off with the old tiles, so plan...
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    Premier 48 Panel Wiring Contacts

    I have wired a Texecom Veritas Panel before OK and now I'm moving house I want to fit the Premier 48 Panel. I don't plan on using EOL wiring as it seems over kill for a domestic house and I'm less confortable fitting it (know your limitations!). I plan to use flush contacts and all wiring...
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  7. Alarm Wiring

    Alarm Wiring

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    Laying Patio: Wet Mix or Sand Bed?

    There are lots of posts about this but none seem to explain the benefits of either method. I was planning on laying a new patio (38mm thick concrete slab paving) on 100mm of MOT compacted hardcore and 40mm of compacted sharp sand. However several posts say to use just the MOT and bed the...
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    Fitting Magnetic Alarm Door Surface Contacts on uPVC

    How do you fit magnetic door contacts on UPVC doors and windows as door stick out from the frame If they are mounted on the front then the only way I can see is raise up the frame half of the contact. Would it still work if the door contact was screwed to the top of the door and the frame...
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    Is lintel safe?

    I have just moved into a house which has a large opening between lounge and dinning room (was built like that). Having removed the wall paper and bits of wood covering, the previous owner removed a section of wall (about 3 bricks wide) to make the openning larger up to the party wall. There...
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    Repairing Hole in Soil Pipe

    I managed to find a strap on boss in wickes which had a large enough back plate to cover the hole and so I used this with solvent to see round the boss and it doesn't leak now.
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    Repairing Hole in Soil Pipe

    I'll give it a try and I'll post an update soon
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    Repairing Hole in Soil Pipe

    Pipe is gray plastic the hole is about 7 to 8cm diameter
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    Repairing Hole in Soil Pipe

    I have just purchased a house on starting work plumbing in for dish washer all kitchen appliances drain into soil pipe (which is on the inside of the back wall). Who ever did it made a hole in the soil pipe and inserted a old boss by the look of it, but they made the hole too big and so taped...