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    Footings for a garden room

    Hi, Apologies that similar questions have been asked loads of times, but I can't find an answer to this particular scenario. The plan this year is to build a wooden-framed garden room for crafting. The dimensions dictated by the plot available are 9m x 2.8m. Although timber framed, it will be...
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    Building regs for large storage shed

    Thanks again guys for taking the time to look up the relevant docs. I found a list of exemptions here which seems to suggest that Class 6 (small detached buildings) is exempt from all parts except P and...
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    Building regs for large storage shed

    Thanks chaps. At least it looks like I can go ahead with my 2 sheds idea. My understanding is that only parts L and P apply to small detached buildings (Class 6), and since there won't be any heating, cooling or electricity in the sheds, even these don't apply in my case. A small detached...
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    Building regs for large storage shed

    Hi, I was planning to build a large storage shed 8m x 6m until I realised anything over 30m2 would need building regs approval. I've got a large plot and the shed was going to be more than 2m from any boundary, so permitted development and the fact it would be combustible (wood) should be OK...
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    LED downlight reliability?

    Well, since I posted this just over a week ago, another fitting has developed a fault, bringing the total to 8. Here are photos I took of a couple of them before they were replaced. Image7 by nomisr posted 22 Sep 2015 at 6:25 AMImage5 by nomisr posted 22 Sep 2015 at 6:25 AM
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  8. LED Downlights

    LED Downlights

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    LED downlight reliability?

    Thanks for the insights so far. These fittings are by a leading brand based in the UK (though no doubt made in China) and were bought from a reputable bricks-and-mortar wholesaler, and not exactly cheap at £32 a pop (inc. VAT). To see almost 12% fail in under 6 months does not instil...
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    LED downlight reliability?

    Hi, Does anyone have any views on the reliability of LED downlights? I'm talking about the integrated ones rather than LED GU10s for standard fittings. I bought 60 of these things for a major extension and refurb, and 6 months later 7 have failed one way or another. One flickered (off more...
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    New uPVC windows scratched - repair or replace?

    Hi, A quick update on this one. Here is the second attempt to fix the deep scratch in a sill. I'm still not happy with it but the contractor has run out of ideas. Am I being too critical? I think I could do a better job myself. The repairs to the aluminium bi-fold doors (white powder...
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    New uPVC windows scratched - repair or replace?

    Hi, I've had some major building work done (extensions to 3 sides), and all existing windows and doors were replaced as part of the work. The builder used the same local window company that he always uses. The whole bungalow was to be rendered with a monocouche render, so the window company...
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    Best way to remove new render?

    Hi, This is a follow-up question to the thread here: // So I told the builders to remove the wrong render and render again with the right colour of monocouche. They started removing the render this morning and are...
  16. Weber Pral M Ivory

    Weber Pral M Ivory

  17. Monocouche XF Ivory

    Monocouche XF Ivory

  18. Weber Pral M Chalk

    Weber Pral M Chalk

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    Wrong colour monocouche - how to fix?

    Hi, So the builders told me their subcontractor was going to use Monocouche XF Standard from Monocouche Render Systems. I ordered some samples and chose ivory, which is basically light cream. The subcontractor turned up on site and got about 40% of the render on and scraped back before...