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    Different electrician for 1st and 2nd fix.

    Hi, We had the first fix work carried out. A few 2 way switches were missed when we questioned which switch did what etc, the job ran on for a couple of days longer than he had envisaged. But otherwise all OK. Registered professional electrician. The 2nd fix price has come in at about...
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    How to stop spread if you lower the loft floor

    We had to do repair something similar. In place of a ridge beam, our SE said to bolt angle iron to every other rather (about 1m up) then join to the floor joists/noggins (depending which way they run), these ran at about 45degree into the room. Then plywood over three joists top and bottom...
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    strengthening 18mm chipboard

    Update - for the benefit of anyone searching the forum I screwed (every 300mm) and glued (full bond) 5.5mm ply to the 18mm chipboard and it worked very well. Once the glue went off today it is a great improvement, no flex, no bounce, all in all very happy. In the on suite I had to lay 25mm...
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    strengthening 18mm chipboard

    Hi, All joists have noggins at 2m max, it was a proper brand new cut roof construction, designed to accommodate 2 x cast iron baths and 2 x bedrooms, also the rest of the house joists run the opposite way so weight should not be a problem. Looking at it I think I will glue and staple some...
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    strengthening 18mm chipboard

    Thanks It's between the joists, so another floor laid on top, any thoughts?
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    strengthening 18mm chipboard

    Thanks for the reply. Not convinced that is the case. Joists are 225mm (engineer specified at 600mm centres) and we even added another few so they came into 400-450mm centres) so well over spec'd. Its the quality of flooring, had I ever seen these before (always owned older houses) I would...
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    strengthening 18mm chipboard

    Hi, I have a large loft (55 sq meters) all 18mm flooring grade green chipboard, it is not great, it has all been glued, and screwed on 450mm joists and flat. But feels very springy. What are my option for strengthening? 1. Covering with a solid timber 18mm? (Glued or floating) 2...
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    Chimney liner question

    // Hope this works? This is not my actual house, but the same adapter and flue, thanks
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  10. chimney liner adapter

    chimney liner adapter

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    Chimney liner question

    Hi, Just had a HATAS chap install a SS chimney liner and made the connection to stove. The adapter between the flexible liner and rigid flue pipe has not been sealed with anything. We questioned, he said so condensation can run down the outside of the pipe and go into the flue and then...
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    Rendering & Windows

    I do the opposite, I render using a bead around each window, then fit the window and point around the window up to the bead. Also allows a perfect sized window to be ordered as you can order once beading on. Nothing worse than a window frame buried in render. Also no damage to windows!
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    loft conversion - new roof trusses best option ?

    Hi, no it was detached, but the first of two roofs, i.e. we built this one, then added an extension to meet it. It also had three hips and two valleys so complex. Maybe a mid terrace would be easier just cutting timber, why not get quotes? Mine is just a structure as we use subs
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    loft conversion - new roof trusses best option ?

    Hi, Last year we had exactly the same decision to make. In the end. New trussed roof cost £20k all in for a waterproof structure. Inserting steels, doubling up rafters etc £30k. (It was a large roof). Also for me I benefitted from - Much more space, designed specifically to be an...
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    Roof error - what would you do

    Thanks for your replies, Drawing was provided, we specifically specified (but verbally before he started) that the fascia and soffit had to meet each other, if nothing else for guttering! He simply did not seem to realise until it was built, it was cut in the garage and only finally...
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    Concrete slab - control joints...

    We did a 11m x 6m garage slab same spec as you, I was going to put in the control joint, but paid structural engineer and he said only around the sides, 9 months in he s been right!
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    Roof error - what would you do

    Hi Having an Oak pitched roof porch built, and an adjoining canopy roof over an adjoining window built. The carpenter wanted to work on a day rate (as he said hard to price) it has so far taken three days longer then he thought, but the guy has really worked hard, till 7pm one night! On a...
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    Floor screed

    Hi, We have a block and beam floor in a new extension, the drawings state 75mm insulation, 65mm screed. The screed companies I have spoken to suggested 40mm liquid screed, 100mm insulation. This seems very thin to me its a large area 89 sq meters, and I do not want cracks! thanks
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    Lintel installed upside down?

    Why not call the lintel manuf first? When we buy concrete lintels some 6"x4" take alot more weight than others, the specific lintel made by supreme concrete, that we aways use can be installed either way up. Some do have to be 'the right way up' but I would check the loading first as you...
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    Installing Velux Windows

    I had exactly the same question. Velux helpline told me it was not required in this situation. Also as it only catches drip's behind the tiles if its required you have a problem anyway I suppose!