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    1960’s tiles

    Hi there could someone tell me the correct name of these external tiles I need to replace some which have dropped. There on the front of my 1960s property
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    Cistern lid

    Update ive finally managed to get it off looks like whoever installed it filled a big gap along back wall with what looks like no-nails, thanks for all who responded
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    Cistern lid

    There isn’t any, I’ve had putty knife all way along back edge all I hit is the 2 screws holding the cistern, thought it might be siliconed down but I’ve give it a good old tug and it’s not shifting. Looks like I’m getting big hammer out
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    Cistern lid

    That's the thing Andy they don't come out once there in
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    Cistern lid

    Yes it should definitely just lift off, I thought it might be silicone but I’ve give it a good tug and it’s not goin nowhere
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    Cistern lid

    It's the same lid as the One in the link. As you will see it should just lift off
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    Cistern lid

    It doesn't unscrew the push mechanism sits on top of the flushing system like I said I can see inside its just the back of the cistern that won't lift off
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    Cistern lid

    I think it's called sandringham same as this
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    Cistern lid

    hi all I've got an armatage shanks toilet that keeps running after the flush ( probably seal) however I can't for the life of me get the cistern lid off. It should just lift off but for some reason it seems stuck at the back I can lift the front up a few centimetres and see there's nothing...
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    New boiler

    I'm in the process of replacing my old condensing boiler to a combi, I've had what I think is a decent quote but not sure which boiler to choose. The options are a Worcester 30i with a 5 year warranty or a viessmann 10kw with a 10 year warranty or viessmann 29kw with a 7 year warranty any info...
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    Bath waste pipe

    hi all, my mother has a wet room as she is disabled, however she now wants To go back to a bathroom suite my query is can I run the bath waste pipe into the existing drain for wet room Cheers in advance
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    glass replacement

    the seal on a double glazed unit has gone so needs replacing, is there a way of measuring the glass without taking it completely out? could i measure upto the beading and deduct say 10mm
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    replacing bathroom tiles

    havn,t seen any tiles yet but thats the size im after, the walls are blockwork adjacent to bath, not sure what type paint is but it doesnt seem to be flakey anywhare. i will do the gaffa tape thing and take it from therethanks for all your info richard its very much appreciated.
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    replacing bathroom tiles

    2 walls are plaster on blockwork and the other 2 are stud walls
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    replacing bathroom tiles

    yes the tiles will be going round the bath, the walls are not bad plaster seems ok, the paint is emulsion, the tile size will be 10"x 8" or something simular
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    replacing bathroom tiles

    i,m going to replace the tiles in my bathroom what i want to know is do i need to prep the walls after removing the old tiles or can i just tile over where ive removed them from they only go half way up the wall the rest is painted, im wanting to tile all the wall would diluted pva be ok to put...
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    Polycarbonate Roof

    used these in the past no probs
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    cheers spoony
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